Blog – …You’ve manifested well…..When the door opens, it flies open!! Are you ready, you’ve set your intentions, and the evidence is beginning to appear. Have you let the doubt and sabotage go?????? Yes!!!!…Great, well, sit back for a moment in time, stretching into the space, strengthening your spine, notice any differences, breathing deeply and gently and calmly. Begin to feel the excitement of the visuals of where and you are and what your journey is in this life-time!! Sure there are plenty of variances, ups and downs, that makes us who we are…..who are without our stories to share with others, that in turn helps them in ways you might not even begin to imagine, that’s not for you to necessarily know. For it may be many years before your inspiration unfolds for another, but there’s a seed and that’s all that matters right now. Its a gift.

Pastel on Paper, 70x50cm

Holding in your minds eye that inspiration of feeling deeply empowered about, just how awesome you are, as is all of us. Be proud of who you are, just how far you’ve come, and remember to let go of the toxic thinking, feeling and judgment. We can not only be toxic to ourselves but project it onto others, be honest with yourself, do you notice the difference in feelings? When we are in the flow of life we feel great, and when we are not our body tenses up and feels awful for one thing.
Ask yourself who have I helped today? Its not about how much we have but about how much we give………watch the ‘flow’ come in your life when you give more.
Those things that no longer fit your life but can pass onto another is releasing and sharing….let go of thinking about what comes back to you but know that what you have asked for on one level will come to you….so make sure its what you want. The universe isn’t discerning about what you want and what you don’t want. What you put feelings behind comes to you.
Gratitude is a ‘big one’, it does help get things into perspective quick smart.
Happy Christmas to you all and 2015 will be the best year yet!!!! If not then maybe I can help you with that, if you call me I can make a time for you. Maybe its time to let the toxic stories go.
Lots of Great Passion for the love of life Angela Kirby