Living life on ‘life’s terms’, what would that mean? Would it mean letting go of our ideals of what we think is the answer for the ‘right way’ for us to be. How do we let go of unhealthy past conditioning, and the way the media portrays the way ‘things’ should be?

Interesting to ponder isn’t it? From what I have come to understand, the more I look after myself and face fears which emerge, the more life-affirming doors open for me. Life is abstract there’s no doubt about that! Even the best laid plans are laid bare to change at any moment.

Seeking external information for the answers is usually where we start, as that is what we know. How do we get past the ideals of our family if they are not serving us? What do we do if we find we just don’t fit a certain model of thinking and being?

Life is certainly a journey and what works for one person is not a guarantee it will for another.

This is the ‘university of life’ we live in which is not contained within the walls of a building, it is where through our relationships, our feelings, our ideals, our travels are our studies of the bigger picture. We may find that we repeat several of our lessons until we truly own what’s happening, and understand the situation to the best of our ability and take the next step of moving on. When a new door opens the next stage begins and we can embrace a life affirming opportunity.

Being and feeling fully present, right here- right now, flies in the face of flailing around in the bewilderment of the past in sadness and wonder, or the future of concerns, stress and worry. It does zero for us, other than wind up our adrenals and send our cortisol levels through the roof. When we are stuck in a ‘story’ we are unable to move beyond limited thinking which may hamper our ability to change.

We all have a path, and honouring our own path is the important one to start with, and the tools that we learn along assist us in serving ourselves. Once we are able to master this we can be of service to others.

Life’s grand. Be in it, do it, live it! Keep learning, meditate, and exercise. I always recommend yoga and eating well – unprocessed, organic foods (at the least, for the majority of the time). If there is toxic thinking going on it is a sure sign that it is time to step up, own it and do something about it rather than dwelling on it. Trust if there are some extreme circumstances happening that it will change.

Life is change, and as Oprah and her guest Pema Chodron were saying a week or so ago, ‘if we are invested in security and certainty we are on the wrong planet!!!!!’. Breathing deeply, slowing down and just being still is calming…..the words busy, should and hard are not prerequisites to a good life.Life is abundant! If we pump up the volume of good feelings until the receptor sites in our brain begin to light up permanently, we will feel great the majority of the time no matter what’s appearing before us.

Be yourself right here right now, with a lot of love Angela

Angela Kirby #44