Transpersonal Art Therapy & the Healing Process Facilitator

I currently run a Private Practice working as a Transpersonal Therapist & Counsellor here in Brompton, South Australia. This is a transforming process that assists in moments of crisis, and other transitional stages of ones life. Unlocking the subconscious programs that are no longer serving you, identifying and releasing those patterns, and thus shifting out of being victim of them.

This is valuable for all those who would like guidance to affect changes in their life. I offer the opportunity to unfold easily the next steps where you can honour your path and feel confidant and safe. This is an abundant universe that is supportive and loving, and that defiantly feels good! That in turn is about trusting the path ahead enabling us to be ‘here’ right now with feelings of clarity and calm.

There are many ways to explore our inner realms, within a safe environment, for a client to unfold their own story as a way to assist their healing process. Relaxing first with meditation, a simple procedure done with clients eyes closed, while a story is told with focus on breathing & muscle releasing. This then opens up the opportunity for discussion on the journey of the clients experience of the meditation. The next stage is putting those thoughts & words down on paper, dialogue/journal style for the clients own reference. Taking the process further the client then begins exploring with use colour pastels or paint (medium thus suitable) to shape those words into a picture or something quite abstract.. I also incorporate clay & other materials according to my clients needs. More open discussion on the process to de-brief.

I offer a safe environment for my clients where confidentiality is of the utmost importance. And I offer a high quality service in order to assist in your well-being.