Passion, Expression & Relaxation – Spend time enjoying Yourself & Your Creativity in my Workshops

You can learn more about yourself and your life journey, through the retrieval of wisdom from within you. I use guided meditation and relaxation techniques to do this, working in an area of acceptance, safety and respect for whatever appears before you. There are several mediums to choose from.

I have realised how healing the creative aspect of myself side unlocks the intuitive and trusting that inner knowing. I would like to share this gift with you.

I believe that fun is an important part of the creative process and aim for you to enjoy yourself as well as be productive. As I am aware of peoples sensitivities around being creative I provide non judgmental support for you in the creative process. This is not about being an artist, it is using the expressive mediums to harness and release our inner turmoils or garner ideas that are life enhancing.

I have been working as and Transpersonal Art Therapist and Counsellor over the past 18 years.

BRING: A willingness to have fun regardless of how creative you are!! We are all creative!