Empowering Life Journey


Live ‘your’ life that you love to live.
13-week Program Package



This 13-week transformational program is for you if are ready to shine your light in life, to feel uplifted and trust the path ahead honouring you in your authenticity.

It will include face to face sessions that are offered in person here in my clinic in Brompton or via webinar/skype, nationally or internationally.

This program includes phone sessions to check in with questions and updates.

Vibrational medicines, home and self-clearing are included in this package that I can do from my clinic anywhere in the world.

For more details contact us frizzkirby@bigpond.com

This work is for those looking for a program that propels you forward with a commitment to getting down to the emotional business. You decide, you book and then you start your journey. My job is working as your facilitator and guide and the one holding space for you throughout this healing pathway.

Once you have booked I will send you the program and we then book the dates that cover the program over the 13 weeks. Are you ready?

More information will be sent to you on your enquiry. frizzkirby@bigpond.com