Inner Maintenance

Daily :Writing in your journal
: Deep Gentle Breathing exercises
: 2 litres of Real Water
: Make sure your diet is full of fresh fruit & vegies & lean meats (if you aren’t already a vegetarian!)
  • Walks along the beach are fabulous for connecting with yourself & the horizon aside of the fact it’s good exercise and the negative ions lift our mood along with many other self enhancing benefits. With or without a friend, honour your feelings. Sometimes it’s just good to be alone to assist in processing any thoughts. Maybe you don’t have to share everything with your friend. And you might find you came up the answer you were looking for anyway, if that’s what was required.
  • Meditate Every Day even if it’s sitting quietly for a few minutes staring at a garden. There are many ways to meditate find a way that suits you. I wouldn’t not meditate, it is like eating healthy food, drinking clean water and keeping a mind cleared of toxic thinking debris.
  • Having you own yoga practice is a real gift to yourself like daily meditation. You need to find a practice that suits you and your lifestyle and integrate. Wether it be in a class or your own practice at home is up to you. It is a discipline that pays off big time over time.
  • Listen & trust your intuition.
  • Be kind to yourself & others. Showing love & generosity is much easier than showing anger & hostility.
  • Looking in the mirror daily & saying ‘I love……'(your name) is a worthwhile exercise, especially with a big grin. As Louise Hay suggested saying ‘I love & approve of myself’. (One of hundreds of her affirmations.) ‘Remember that of all the people that you will ever know you are the only one you’ll never loose.’ Not sure who said that!
  • Be honest with yourself & others, if you don’t feel like doing something in particular say no. No point in being a yes person & allowing others to walk over you. Or for that matter respect others enough not to walk over them! Giving yourself healthy boundaries is important.

Take care & give yourself & others a big hug every day.