February Blog 2024
And into February we roll. Much has been going on around the world there is no doubt about that. And as we move through these changing times it’s very important to have our own spiritual practice happening in the background as we go about our daily life. I’m not talking about religion here. This is more about, the regard you have, for yourself and others and that through a personal practice you will feel more supported by life itself rather than always looking outside of self for answers.

It certainly is great to have a good team of those you consider of value to assist you as required with health and wellness on all levels. But in conjunction with what you do for yourself, really helps you get through concerns and fears and overthinking with a lot more trust of you in a tricky moment or time in your life.

What does a spiritual practice look like? Well, for many people on the journey would have their own personal way of doing it so whatever suits you really and what you vibrate towards is what resonates with you. It will change over time, removing, adding, and removing and adding.

For me it’s varied over many decades now. All of us more than likely has already a small and simple thing that uplifts, that we may not even consider a part of our practice, but it is.
A practice or whatever you would like to consider it is named, that you consciously tune into everyday as ‘tune up’, like eating well and exercising.

Meditation is one and the benefits over the years can have us in a place where most of the time you can hone into that calm and centeredness, it is so worth it. It can be as simple as staring at a candle for a few minutes daily and monitoring your breathing initially to focus on the depth of the breath then breathe as per usual. There are many ways of meditating that you are can research on that suits you best. Along with, having a special spot that you meditate in your home builds the energy up in that area. Even dancing in some circumstances can be considered mediative for the altered state of consciousness that it evokes, that allows release of emotions and uplift. As does a yoga practice which is a spiritual pathway.

Prayer, you might like to consider, in that you may have an invocation or your own special words that you say daily first thing, in the early parts of the day and throughout. It could be an affirmation. I chant before I do my yoga practice and that feels good, in readiness for the postures I do ahead. I also have another beautiful consideration of words that I say daily as a sense of honour for the day ahead.

Writing or journaling is also a great way of releasing anything that you would like to discuss not with anyone other than to write it out and that allows resolve to come about. It isn’t about liking it, see it as more of practice like cleaning your teeth. It is worth the effort and eases us into the day alongside of the other practices that you may choose to do. It is a valuable part of any spiritual practice, for noting down experiences and felt sense as well as releasing that which is relevant to note and move on from or embrace and evolve into.

I have a few candles situated around my yoga practice lit with a small alter of offerings to show respect for the work that I do and the gift of flexibility and strength amongst other things that it offers. I also choose oracle and tarot cards for the day and note them down and what they might mean to me at the time or even refer to my books if needed for clarity.

Before I turn the light on first thing in the day as I awaken, I will say in my mind affirmations a few times as I lay there peacefully. And before sleeping at night listening to some calming words of someone that you love to hear to help you drift off to sleep easily and effortlessly.
The old days of waking up jumping straight out of bed were often jarring and whatever else that came with that, it is often fracturing. So, easing into the day is an asset to us.

It is up to each of us and what suits our way of being when it comes to our spiritual practice. Whatever it takes to tune in and open to a much bigger picture than what is portrayed in the mainstream realms that’s more about materialism.

It would be great to hear what it is that you do to be in your centeredness, your spirutal practices. Where you trust the path ahead and where being in the here and now is a great place to be, because you know that through life’s up and downs you will be ok, looked after, loved and by yourself first and foremost.

There is so much more that can be written and additional information, but this is a good start and what I have mentioned many times in the past. And it seems even more important to engage in now through these transitional times. It helps move on from drama and avoiding self at all cost, for not wanting to face feelings that really are best to move through rather than block. It isn’t about judgement it is about getting to love and know self and that is our own job.
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Much kindness and gentleness for you
Love Angela

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