July Blog 2023

Hello to you…. winter is here and being rugged up and eating warming healthy foods are the go-to right now. Well, not that eating healthy foods would ever not be an option! Keeping the balance on all levels of our being is our job that ensures we keep on track. Being out of balance calls in disharmony with our thinking and choices that we make.

Being perfect might also be considered an imbalance for its very nature to be perfect, whatever that might be. If you run off the rails, of which you decide if in fact you have done, like too much to drink or spend or sleep or eat food that’s not life sustaining or remaining in a toxic relationship, then now it’s time to turn that around. Moderation is something that you need to decide what that is and if you are ready to move on! Being honest with you.

Firstly, recognising that there is an issue! With food for example, then that is easy as if there’s overindulgence, then you usually feel awful it’s more obvious I reckon. But so can realising that you’ve spent too much money. Sometimes we may have been in a situation for years before we even realise that it’s not working. Numbing ourselves with whatever we choose can be a way of life.

Then it is deciding to do something about it, what? And with that quite often it is easier to think of excuses, go into denial and let life continue on until another issue arises that you cannot ignore. Are you ready to make changes yet?

This life is about learning, deciphering what is helpful for us or not. What maybe ok for another might be a huge disservice to you. Inner consultation – with yourself to ask yourself what is going on, what am I doing that isn’t feeling good and the results a debacle?

We often see issues in others and concentrating on them can be more of a distraction and a way to avoid ourself.

Feelings are the teller of the story and important to notice when you’re making a choice in making a ‘different choice’. Be gentle, be kind to yourself, and remember not to berate yourself to yourself or another.

Remember to have fun, hang around with people who are like minded and love you and you them. And spend time with you, loving you and really understanding you. Who are you?

Much kindness and gentleness for you
Love Angela

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