May Blog 2023
Great May to you, and for those of us in the southern aspects of the southern hemisphere we are now wearing more clothes to keep warm. It’s boots, jackets etc & for some hat time too and thinking about making beautiful soups and the warming foods to nourish self and share with others.

I used to love my Mums soups, she was a brilliant cook and often we’d do soup of a Sunday evening, either during and or after watching Dr Who up in the sitting room. It felt special and especially as we’d be sitting in front of a roaring fire, for it was more a winter thing.

I’m so grateful for the years I got to spend with my parents and learn what I did from them, it was a big job running a property. It was a lifestyle and one where you worked basically every day as there was always something that was needing to be done or attended to. Like attend the sheep & cattle, any calves or lambs that might’ve been abandoned and other animals of the feathered kind and the work dogs, pet cats and dogs, plus fix fences that may have come down in a storm etc. It was a job you either loved or otherwise.

I used to love going around the stock, through each of the paddocks to see how all the animals were. The big skies I got to see and far off paddocks and a familiar landscape that simply changed with the seasons, the weather doing its thing, I really loved it. And climb and hang out in trees, ahhhh the distance was always grand to view.
And for those who have been reading my blog for years are aware of my love of nature and big skies. And this story…….

I feel it’s important to be out in nature to go outside and spend time in fresh air and touching the earth. These days that is so important for the bombarding of today’s world that can be very AI toxic. Keep ourselves grounded, and especially so if there’s upset or the like occurring. Helps to release also toxic thinking, we must say no to that as it drops our energies and leaves us feeling sad and helpless. It’s our job to turn that around, we can do that, ok! It’s all in the learning to love and look after ourselves. We got this.

I enjoy that I can get away to travel with a friend to large and small country towns to work and learn about the location from time to time. Travelling distances, we get to see the landscapes change, the more north, the dryer it is with the red dirt and plants resilient to that environment I love to see. South is greener a lot of the year with more bodies of water and trees pertinent to that area that I love the richness it offers. And I get to see full horizon sunsets as the city sunsets I see daily are cut off with buildings and houses.

Even a weekend away up in the hills is good, relaxed and with plenty of places to visit if you choose or walks in the bush that are free of truckloads of people. Or simply staying at an air B & B or the like and relaxing for the weekend and the immediate area is what you choose to remain in. Or just go out for the day is stepping out of the same old same old.

You could even do a mini-inner quest of health and well-being simply by setting an intention of what you would like to focus on and set yourself some tasks to do to work on what you feel compelled to dive into emotionally. Speaking of inner work, my book Creating Wisdom and Magic in Life and Love has 12 processes to be worked through or choose one only for the issue at hand and plenty to offer with the meditations related to each of them available free on my web site. Or simply relax and see what unfolds, you know it’s your journey you choose what, why and how. Give yourself permission to enjoy and chill out whichever way that you choose.

So, you could right now decide where you would go if you were going to have a couple or a few days away. Why am I going? Who am I going with, or will I go alone? What do need to take? Maybe it’s by plane or by car or train or bus?

I’ve been posing some questions down on paper that I feel need addressing and simply leave it as it is and see what transpires. Answers do appear in many ways if you are open to it, and some can appear quite quickly and other times it takes a little longer or even a lot longer. Being grateful for the answers arrival and what isn’t answered isn’t necessary to be probed at this time, so I let it go. We’ve been dumbed down in many ways, so trusting and rolling with our instincts seems absurd when really, we are moving into times where we are becoming more intuitive. Opening-up to what has always been here for us, our intuition magnified and allowing it to lead the way, trusting the insights. But that’s for another conversation.

-For those of you who would like to do the program I offer mentioned below and also info on my web site, over the winter period could be a perfect time to dive in.
Emotional fluctuations you feel require some attention will be addressed so you can flow without the constant of fears, pain and suffering in your everyday life.
With this inner work any fears that come in you can handle them with the gifts that you begin to see them as. Instead of running you can move through them with more compassion and ease. You will feel yourself naturally evolving into more life enhancing levels of which this program will help you to do. The synchronicities become a daily norm’ as your guiding companions as you will begin to tap into and notice them more regularly.
You can trust where you are in your life and be ok with not knowing where everything is leading as we really don’t know. So, you can get on with being perfectly fine in the now moment in time.
Info below.
Intensive Program – I am offering a program for those who would like to consider doing a healing intensive journey. This program will be offered in person at my clinic as well as on line nationally and internationally. It is for those wanting to step up and do the work.

Testimonial: I am extremely grateful for my inner and outer work with Angela this past year. I went through many changes and was feeling “frozen” in moving forward. I guess my mind was playing tricks on me.

The artwork, dialogue, body work, and clearing that Angela guided me through was empowering. My inner strength has grown as I progressed through work with Angelia. I’m now aware that I matter, am important, am loved and my presence on this earth makes a difference. I still refer back to her book, ‘Creating Wisdom and Magic in Life & Love’ as the exquisite mandala paintings are inspiring. Thankyou Angela for encouraging me positively along my precious life journey.
Adelaide SA

Sharing with you my latest mandala #69 the original is avaialble to be seen in my website https://frizzkirby.com/project/the-mandala-in-life/

 Below is the print avaiable also. Any questions please ask me. 

I am still finishing up the oracle meaning as that has a life of it’s on.

wisdom y


Sessions with Angela
– I offer sessions one on one from my own private clinic, as the majority of you know.
– I am also offering sessions face to face on line via skype, Zoom, face book messenger, face time and telephone. I have several processes helpful to keep the stress levels down and learning to be with yourself in a way that you feel safe. There’s No point sitting and remaining in suffering, while that is a part of life the life we want is pain free and feeling content.
– For those of you who are local to me that I am offering consultations over Skype etc or telephone, and I can post to you the Australian Bush Flower Essences.
-Not forgetting My book, that is a life guide. It has gentle therapeutic processes in it, along with meditations and that are also on my web site. The perfect thing to be doing now, transformative and supportive. It has my black and white mandalas for you to colour for calming along with my 54 mandalas that are an oracle, so you can choose one daily for guidance.
-Available from me and I can sign a copy for you and post it to you or you can collect it. You can find it on line through Balboa Press or Barnes & Nobles and other book stores on line.
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Much kindness and gentleness for you
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