April Blog 2023

Greetings to you as we slide on into the month of April.
Continuing on with the conversation I’ve been having regarding ‘change’ in the previous blogs. As Life is change, we learn to roll with that and being open to the change or come from a sense of pending dread. It’s always our choice.

I am grateful for the opportunities that life brings to change the wheels I’ve been metaphorically driving on. Something stirs within, that awakens the urge to open up to new ways of being, new information & sloughing off any old ‘stinking thoughts’ that want to keep things as they are.

Even if it’s uncomfortable we can tend to want to remain as we are and for a moment can be in opposition for suggestions in what-ever format, it can come in as, to open up possibilities that are the next steps in life. Getting excited knowing you can feel the ushering in of the new rather than being in fear. Being gentle with yourself as you feel any fear.

The trust in our life and where we are heading can be caught up in ‘what if this doesn’t work’ or ‘what if,,,,,,,,,,,, adding whatever disaster……’. And the feelings that go with those thoughts are quite debilitating and not what you want to get stuck in.

The shadow work is very important work, you recognise the fear and move through it understanding that through curiosity and exploration, you see it for what it is and let it go.

It is our job to recognise that while you may not know what’s on its way, as that’s the beauty of life in the not knowing, that we acknowledge our feelings and thoughts then attend to what is there to be done to assuage and move on from anything that’s pulling us back and move into uplifting self.

Even if people are difficult rather than being in or going into any drama, you may ask what is it that you are learning? Because it isn’t the other person, they have their own stuff, but what are the reflections you are seeing, for what we see in another is within our self? Sure, they might be difficult to get along with and whatever is going on in the moment but that is their stuff and you have a choice to engage or not. And by going on about them is avoiding you.

Giving ourselves reassurance and love, being gentle and kind as we navigate new ways of being. And sometimes we need a helping hand with learning self-direction and inner listening and many other aspects that are a part of us evolving and that’s ok.
It’s through the many stages we can pass through during any transition (which is daily in our lives) that we really get a bigger glimpse into being, knowing and loving ourselves.

What is it that you love to do? What is it that you would love more off in your life? What are you grateful for and who are you grateful to have in your life? Do you love you? You can ask your own questions that you feel are appropriate for you. You may even pose one question a day! Sit quietly, deep breathes in and out or whichever way suits you and then write the question down and look at it and then read it out loud. Then go about your day….see what arrives, take a scan of your day in the evening and note if you felt the question was answered. Answers come in many ways if you are open to the synchronicities, the signs along the way. What are you intuitively gathering in the repertoire of your daily activities?

So, it is an offering to do some work around asking yourself some questions firstly (as above some of your posed questions for example) is a great idea rather than drop into an old familiar pattern of pain and suffering that might not actually have anything to do with now, as in it doesn’t need to be negative to get through. Seeing things for what they are and recognising old patterns wanting to release, it’s time to say good bye to them. This is a part of shadow work.

Have you been feeling exhausted, a bit out of sorts, or simply feel like some uplifting?
Now is the perfect time, as any, to have a healing. I continue to offer Reiki sessions and the Raindrop Technique along with the Crystal light Bed healing. Each one is a different form of healing and you can go to my web site and click on ‘Services’ at the top and scroll down to each, one to see what they are about if you would like a little more information. https://frizzkirby.com
And then ask yourself which one you feel that you would benefit from the most. I am happy to touch base with you to make a time that suits. Making a time to honour yourself, gifting yourself a healing as we move through these profound times. It will assist with the changing frequencies/energies we have all been experiencing as we and our planet evolve.
There is always room for discussion

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Much kindness and gentleness for you
Any questions please reply
Love Angela

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