January Blog 2023

With much greatness in wisdom, love & health for us all in 2023, I send you all a Happy New Year.

While there is much more to unfurl rolling into this new paradigm that’s named the Age of Aquarius, a theme I hear is that over time, we move into a world where our communities will be more about being there for each another while maintaining privacy and autonomy. Rather than the competitiveness and dishonour that appears quite loudly right across our programmed society. We gotta see it to let it go, it’s a good thing so we get to realise there needs to be correction. This is broad and a general statement as we are all very different and I don’t know what our path ahead is but keeping our focus on the greatness of life rather than fear is paramount.

Many changes ahead, but you know, life is not stagnant it changes every day, so that’s a welcomed thing, that’s life and always has been. The main objective is to stay out of fear (as just mentioned) and all that entails, as all that does is gather more of the same. Feel it and release.

And so, in moving through any feeling, a frequency, that does not feel good you recognise it and do something about it. It’s in learning to make a choice that’s life giving not life taking that our sense of calm and trust in a future that we are not fully privy to we are actually ok about. That we are able then to settle into the ‘now’. We never did know what our future was. And basing or comparing our lives on or to others doesn’t necessarily mean that you get the same results. So, what is your path? What feels right for you? Who are you?

We are programmed to believe in so much, that I for one recall being in situations that I figured, while I had achieved a particular thing, it didn’t feel right, something was missing. Not because I didn’t feel I deserved it as it felt much more that the pace or situation was not a way of life I would consider staying in. I realised I was living someone else’s dreams or what society had imposed that wasn’t satisfying at all, it felt fake. The thing is to move on.

It’s in our daily personal work that we unravel and become unafraid of being ourselves and doing what we are meant to do (that is what you feel deeply aligned with and wanting to do), not comparing ourselves to others and making ourselves wrong. That is debilitating and where we can ‘while’ away the hours and days in thinking ridiculous thoughts, that are again life taking rather than life giving, is aggravating yourself. Not giving our power away to that is a gift once you realise that you’re doing it and begin to make the changes for the better. It takes time especially if your body isn’t functioning at optimum capacity. Some positive aspects can gather rather rapidly others takes time that down the track you appreciate. So being grateful for what arrives, notice and say thank you.

It’s sometimes in the lows of life that we begin to understand that we are the change makers, that others ‘must do’s’ etc while they might be initially beneficial, you begin to call on your own intuition, your inner knowing. What does not feel good is a no and what does is affirmative.

What is it that you would like to usher in for the year, 2023, being a 7 year? Maybe a vision board you might consider, astrology reading for the year or self-help work you feel drawn to. Do some research and follow your feelings and see what unfolds. We are moving into very different times and I reiterate where honouring yourself, being you and doing what you love is the way to be.

Learning to trust that can take some time especially if you are releasing situations that no longer resonate with you, but once you get through the grief a new way of being comes about. It’s not wishful thinking.

Meditation, journaling, getting to know you, not what others say or think about you. Be with you and every day do something beautiful, meaningful for you. And give and share with love with others. Be you, accept you, love you and the best peoples enter your life, that you call your tribe or community, it happens naturally you don’t have to force these things.

Decide right here and now that this is a brilliant year not matter what. See the challenges as a guide in your life that might appear totally crazy right now, but makes so much sense down the track. Let any negative self-talk go and speak kindly of yourself and others.

Great New Year for us.

If you have any questions please ask and I will do my best to assist you with that query.
Lots of love

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Much kindness and gentleness for you

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