October Blog 2022
A big hello to you and here’s cheers to October being expansive and filled with miracles for us all.

These times are interesting that’s for sure, we continue to all collectively be going through big changes. We got this ok. Ground yourself, meditate, walk in nature, healthy food and good water you know the drill!

So, on that note, we may think or feel we are settled into a lifestyle that appears to be the best path to be on and continue to follow and then in comes change in whatever form it takes that may appear to take us off course, or is it?

You might consider that in honouring and trusting yourself the more easily you can go into the flow of a situation rather than into and remain in the flight or fright state. Initially a shock may occur or not, but observing and doing the research (in whatever way that can be) on a given situation allows one to come from a more grounded place of understanding.

That’s quite a generalised statement to make but never the less worth pondering rather than reacting in a way that may be detrimental, and if not, then that is fine of course.

Getting to know ourselves with and without the influences of one another to understand what and where we would like to be is a job. And our job is to work on our emotional, spiritual and physical well-being in what ways that we feel drawn to that gives us balance and life direction and inner stability.

There are so many paths one can head down on the healing, love and acknowledgment of self, it’s the most-worthy journey we will do in this life. If we don’t work on ourselves life continues to present opportunity where we would consider inner contemplation. Stay curious!

You may word the above differently and that is perfectly fine of course….it’s not about agreeing with what I say rather consider and what’s your heart saying?

It’s in that contemplation through meditation or places of solitude even if for only a moment that one can lean in and listen to self, where you trust that inner nudge or gut feeling/s. That you then can act upon if you feel it is required.

The main steam we’ve been living in these days, looks at, a lot of what is termed ‘mental illness’ as an issue that is to remain in for life and often ignoring the fundamentals of doing any personal journey work. Hardships and emotional upheavals are a part of everyone’s journey, some more than others.

If you are triggered by that statement consider more research on the journey through life, in some cases what I say is relevant and in other cases it is not at all. Doing the inner work can be an arduous and difficult, with huge learning. Some of us don’t realise there’s even an option to help ourselves.

When any of what is labelled ‘mental illness’ presents itself we actually have the opportunity to work through to the other side of it (if that’s what we might call it), and into when things settle as a ‘rite of passage’ where we’ve grown into a new phase of our life. We go through many of these stages throughout our lives and it is of great value to research and ponder and then act. What are the lessons I am learning now, what am I being asked to step up or into, I wonder?!

Rather than making fears and anxiousness a dis-ease you have the opportunity to be curious and open up to a much bigger world that is gifting you, presenting to you, depth and wisdom that is more than what sitting in front of a tv day in and day out does. Of which offers mostly programming and while respite and relaxation of a movie can be fun or even amazing it’s isn’t offering or giving the depth of discovery of who you are.

It is ok to have time out provided it isn’t a way of life a lot of the time and only you can decide that! This isn’t about judgment, its being aware of habits and ways of life that may not be life giving. And I know that I have a way’s to go, perfection is not something that I aspire to and it’s exciting to be given so many opportunities to learn, grow and be humbled.

What are the words that you speak daily to yourself and out into the world, are they positive and hopeful or demeaning and a bleak picture painted of yourself and life?

This is a big topic to be discussed more of which I am not able to go further here.

A “Rite of passage’ can be a time of celebration and in ceremony to usher in a new way of being, and allows us to move through the many stages in our lives with ease, grace and feeling proud. Of which, can be very powerful like childhood to teenager, teenager to adult or middle age to later in life age. These stages generally go over months or years.

Some stages are filled with excitement and freedom and others grief and a time of farewell to what’s being moved on from. It’s in honouring these stages that we ‘feel’ them and often quite deeply so as to release and naturally shift through. If illness is part of a stage, it is worth considering and exploring emotionally, and often some aspects alone so as to hear your inner voice, so as to take ‘self’ to a whole new level.
This is another big topic that I am not able to do it justice here.

We may not know the answers, and it is not about ‘do this and this is what will happen’, but instead we begin to birth naturally new ideas, and opportunities begin to appear. This doesn’t mean we don’t have plans or ideals of what we wish to usher in, but more in trusting yourself and what you love to do and are open to that something arrives, or a series of steps begin to present.

Through dialoguing your thoughts and feelings down, as well as noticing synchronicities that begin to appear that the zest and love for life begins to be felt at much deeper and more profound levels. You see a much bigger picture and realise just how much we don’t know, and how much there is to explore. Writing thoughts and feelings down and note taking takes things to new levels as you are acknowledging and building a picture of ideals.

What are the lessons you are learning right now?
How are your relationships with family or friends?
Issues at work, feeling alone, wanting to get out of a relationship?
Who are you in your life, are you feeling safe in being you around family, friends, colleagues?
Who is your tribe, who are your like-minded friends?
What beliefs and words that you speak limit you in your life?
What are the programs running within that hinder any move at all?

If you feel you would like to have an astrological chart done by an experienced astrologer of many decades Kate Mc Ewen, of which I have mentioned in other blogs, is very good.
To have your natal chart done along-side of your yearly astrology chart is the initial thing to do usually, unless you already have your natal chart done. I typically get my yearly chart done at the start of each year ( I had my natal done years ago, the blue print at which you were born) but you might choose to have yours done near your birthday. The beginning of the year, well late January is my birthday and for me knowing the space weather for each year is a great thing to do, it is informative. I don’t live by it but I can navigate the year with more consideration even if only in an abstract manner!
Have a look at Kate’s website – www.applywithinforwellbeing.com.au

If you have any questions please ask and I will do my best to assist you with that query.
Lots of love