August Blog 2022
Hey there fellow earth travelling souls, happy August for us all. The buds on some of the ‘blooming trees’ are already doing their thing, showing the signs of spring almost here.
We tend to bounce back and forward with the ever-changing weathers between seasons, however for now we are still in winter here in the southern hemisphere. Weather doing what weather does, as we roll through the varied cycles that we are all a part of.

When you think about it who has helped and guided you in your life?
And if you were to make note, spend some time contemplating it and or meditating and then make a list, of which may have family or friends, mentors, strangers and the like, to see what arrives.

A reason to meditate after posing the question is that it gives you time to move out of your head, egoic thinking and into your heart. Where you can tap into the subconscious which will begin to reveal memories, faces and names not only in that moment but as you open the gate, so to speak, you will find it will spark many memories and in moments random as you’ve generated an unfolding of your life. What you are ready to work through or see is what comes through.

Consciously diving into the question of ‘who has helped me in my life?’ allows you to consider your life, the people of past to present.

Which may then take you onto the people who have been what you may say difficult amongst other words you’d prefer to use to explain the issues that may have ensued! How do you feel about that all now? What did you learn, what was your part in the story? This is a part of the ‘shadow’ work to be done, that what we see in others in in ourselves. Underlying trauma and multi-generational disfunction is for us all to work on so we move on from being a Victim and into the levels of being who we truly are, it’s our life’s work

Noting down the journey of the people who you’ve been graced with and their rolls and where it led to is interesting and where being humbled is often the case. Especially the ones generous where you might think wow I wasn’t expecting that, there was no obligation and surprised that someone could be so caring when your thoughts or judgement might think otherwise. Life is surprising and rising up to the synchronicities and offerings on a daily basis can be many and in variance to how open you are to even notice. It’s a time to be excited and be grateful, the very point of doing this work.

Through your own generosity, love and kindness to others opens abundance in all areas of life, from gifting a thank you to excess fruit or veggies from your garden to donating some dollars to something you believe in and would like to support. I’d rather donate to someone I really like and listen and learn from than to a huge organisation.

Ok, while things are changing rapidly globally and not always rosy some of the choices you come from maybe, do I worry and head into decline or choose thoughts that are life giving and supportive? How do I love and nurture self when I’m in fear and experiencing grief and pain? Good question, and while it varies for us all as individuals this is a valuable time as it is deeply humbling the power of sadness.

The stages one goes through can be bought down to one day at a time and sometimes even hour by hour, and know there is change on its way. Keeping things as simple as can be if possible and being real with what is actually happening and if there are any steps to go into place to assist? And What can be done now and what later? Who are the one/s you can have around you that you know are there in love and support. Alone not isolation, is also to recollect, reflecting and topping up on the gentle and kind in simple gentle ways. Loving, learning and trusting ourselves is a lifetime job for us all, it might be considered selfish not to. Ourselves becoming and being is truly a honour not only for ourselves in the gifts we garner internally but others around us also benefit.

What arrives after contemplation, how do you feel, and are you amazed by the generosity which may have you thinking about being more generous to others. Giving is definitely a beautiful thing.
Much kindness and gentleness for you
Any questions please reply
Love Angela

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