June Blog 2022

It’s June and ‘Winter is Here’. I love the cold, although it’s not really that cold here in Adelaide, compared with Europe or Canada and the likes of the North and South Pole of course, for example. There are spots in Australia, I do know, where it is really cold but not the likes of -40 that Canada experiences, and where many people live.

Anyway, I decided a couple of years or so ago, when they came out, to get a ‘weighted/calming blanket’. So warm and I like the weight of the glass beads, of which I may have already mentioned in another blog! I feel great comfort and even what I would call support by the weight, so cosy and warm. Something to be grateful for that is for sure.

In life we meet many people and the variety and cultural differences at times are a test to our beliefs and programs that we have learned from our parents, society, our friends, our schooling, the TV, movies and the list goes on!

The human conditioning is profound indeed and it is interesting to note those we get along with and those we have differences. What I have found fascinating through the many ways of navigating this life, that it has helped me understand more about why we do what we do and the compassion that has come about as a result.

Definitely, we require maintenance on all levels that helps us live from day to day and through the journey there are so many rabbit holes to head down that we either choose or not, to learn more about what piques our interests, our senses.

And with likes of what’s appearing on the surface that makes the news, to right out there astrologically, (by the way as it really interests me), that affects us is fascinating! The moon drives a big deal in the watery realms here on earth as you’d be aware of each full moon and even the new moons can affect us emotionally as well. We are 70 plus % water and if the tides are driven by the moon, we are also affected.

To what degree depends on many levels and with some learning of your natal chart and your yearly chart you can understand what is ahead to a degree which I feel assists. That’s a big subject and a worthy one to learn. I follow several astrologers to get a glimpse of the incoming space weather! It’s good to know a rough guide of what’s ahead and possible navigation strategies.

Many divination tools also assist in helping to drive choices being made, ie: muscle testing to see if something agrees with you or not or pendulums to answer questions or water diviners to find water or oracle cards etc. There are many systems that help.

Rather than remaining a victim of life the search for assistance is a part of our learning. Some of those experiences may be difficult no matter who is holding space for you as you open up to the different levels that life takes us through. From fear based, to trusting implicitly in life is quite the journey, riding the waves of our inner world is a big job. We all face ourselves and sometimes it’s easier to want to project our anger pain and suffering onto others, it’s actually when we need to look within to ask what’s really going on?

It is a part of our endeavours in life, to be at peace with ‘self’ and one that may take our entire life in the doing of! And that is ok. We’ve made the material world our bastion, when really the mastering of self is the go for then things more easily fall into place.

Therapies, to whatever degree are up to us to choose, of course, and our experiences decide on what suits us, you are learning to trust you through others to some degree. Sometimes it is best to find our own way, it’s totally a private process and I think as we grow we become more discerning of what we get helps us. We are always growing and changing, developing……We have our entire lives to do the inner work that of which we can’t hurry.

Sometimes a drive to the country or holiday to somewhere quiet as opposed to intense inner work is all that we require to feel safe within ourselves. So, it’s a matter of getting it together and taking the steps and doing it.

If you have any questions please ask and I will do my best to assist you with that query.
Lots of love

Intensive Program – I am offering a program for those who would like to consider doing a healing intensive journey. This program will be offered in person at my clinic as well as on line nationally and internationally. It is not for the faint hearted it is for those wanting to step up and do the work. https://frizzkirby.com/product/empowering-life-journey/

Testimonial: I am extremely grateful for my inner and outer work with Angela this past year. I went through many changes and was feeling “frozen” in moving forward. I guess my mind was playing tricks on me.

The artwork, dialogue, body work, and clearing that Angela guided me through was empowering. My inner strength has grown as I progressed through work with Angelia. I’m now aware that I matter, am important, am loved and my presence on this earth makes a difference. I still refer back to her book, ‘Creating Wisdom and Magic in Life & Love’ as the exquisite mandala paintings are inspiring. Thankyou Angela for encouraging me positively along my precious life journey.
Adelaide SA

Sessions with Angela
– I offer sessions one on one from my own private clinic, as the majority of you know.
– I am also offering sessions face to face on line via skype, Zoom, face book messenger, face time and telephone. I have several processes helpful to keep the stress levels down and learning to be with yourself in a way that you feel safe. There’s No point sitting and remaining in suffering, while that is a part of life the life we want is pain free and feeling content.
– For those of you who are local to me that I am offering consultations over Skype etc or telephone, and I can post to you the Australian Bush Flower Essences.
-Not forgetting My book, that is a life guide. It has gentle therapeutic processes in it, along with meditations and that are also on my web site. The perfect thing to be doing now, transformative and supportive. It has my black and white mandalas for you to colour for calming along with my 54 mandalas that are an oracle, so you can choose one daily for guidance.
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Much kindness and gentleness for you
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