June Blog 2021
Happy Winter. I love the snuggling up warmth of these cooler months, it’s a great refresher.

How’s the friendships going in your life? I know that over the years that it’s been noted while we have many acquaintances, right up to the people we see regularly at the shops we attend, that we have a handful of best friends if that over our life. Is that true?

I know my friendships have changed greatly over the years as I have lived in several states in Australia over my life time. And people simply drift away or you might simply drift away into different circles or maybe going through a time where a more inner or retrospective way of being suits for a period. That’s ok.

And many of us judge another for what may well be a shedding of the old and opening up to higher levels of being. Which isn’t our business. That’s more about our grief around change than observation of another’s choice where you, maybe rejected or momentarily pulled away from. Ask yourself what is the gift in this? A better choice than judgment and gossip which makes one feel awful. Acknowledge the sadness in moving on.

What does that mean? Well, as we shift through our lives we have choices presented that give us opportunity to make changes to assist us to work more efficiently in our relationships and our jobs and friendships and all our life. This abundant universe wants to support us and our dreams, despite that we have been bought up in a world that has quite frankly often said and taught the opposite. But we do have the opportunity in stepping into higher levels of our spiritual being. You can refer to the Map of Consciousness, by David Hawkins that I won’t go into here.

Some of us have been bought up in families that love us and wish the best for us and we head off out into the world feeling strong and resilient, the world is our oyster. And others of us have been bought up in families with so many challenges where we can feel stifled and held back with little choice and that’s a small aspect to what can be a very toxic environment.

And while all sides of the coin appear regardless, what if we’re to see this world and be proud of the gift of the family we are bought into, and for the lessons we are here to move through in this life!

Like, we turn the ‘being a victim’ around and instead be ‘Proud’ of the challenges and that some-how we got through them that taught us to love, to ask for guidance and help and in turn we learned and helped others.

Right now, it is fascinating that our beliefs are being very much highlighted through what society has been going through over the past many months. Some people have just moved on as we have also and it is easy to explain things away with huge amounts of judgment, or not.

But what if we were to look at is as like any relationship, it’s come to the time where we just move along. That we let it go, some things can be easily shed and if there needs a finality then you will figure it out when the time appears right, in the moment. We’ve got, this far haven’t we?

Remember that using natural ways of self-care is worth it for short- and long-term health.
When it comes to ‘quick fixes’, is what you’re being told valuable and does it feel right for you? Simple questions, is what you ask yourself and now is one of those times when listening to your inner feelings is the best for you. We are on our own individual journey, enjoy

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Much kindness and gentleness for you

Any questions please reply

Love Angela