May Blog 2021

Hi there Beautiful Souls,

This time of the year I just love,autumnn in Adelaide. The weather, cool enough to have a weighted blanket on at night, with some of the warmer clothes on during the day and a lot of the days a flood with sunshine. There have been occasional rains that have quenched the soils, if only briefly. And the skies filled with divine clouds have certainly been exquisite. To the heavens ‘More rain please’!

While over in the Northern Hemisphere summer is coming in and the obvious excitement from the people I know over there is palpable, as the winter for many is below 0 for long periods of time!

We certainly had a cool summer which for those who love it hot were disappointed, but for me it was perfect. I certainly now appreciate the ‘cools’ of the South East where I was bought up.

I love the clouds and falling leaves showing the signs in the cycles of change, as we farewell another season.

I do loads of research around health and wellness on many levels as being in a place of contentment and of feeling healthy is a great place to be. I go down some fascinating rabbit holes. And have always had the urge to be healthy and was encouraged by my Mother in being so, she was a great teacher.

Learning about the minerals and superfoods over the decades, are now more than ever helpful, I find fascinating. And I have a couple of great naturopaths around me that I run things by when I see them or have a remedy or herbal tincture made up as I feel the need.

We are each on our own journey and so I feel it is important to tune into our body and finding out more about our self at deeper levels. Where we are able to support our self in more profound, bountiful and natural ways.

Organic as opposed to genetically modified foods are important to consider for healthier states of being. Water that sustains you rather than what just comes from the tap. Unless you are lucky enough to have rainwater streaming from it.

I was bought up on rainwater of which I am so grateful for and would love to have the opportunity to live with that once again. I seriously miss good tasting rainwater a lot. But the water I get from the Adelaide Hills is good.

These guys deliver weekly and are really lovely – https://greenhillspringwater.com.au

I recall being in Europe when I was 19 years old (that was around 1980) and at a shopping centre seeing people leave with 2 carts, 1 filled with groceries and the other filled with containers of water, I thought wow that’s crazy.

And it’s crazy to think that we now in Australia have tap water, (except Byron Bay which has untainted water and tastes amazing), that is actually not good to drink without filtering it or buying water from a spring.

So, in this day and age of continuous change it is up to us to be vigilant with what we put in and on our bodies.

I would appeal to you that looking after yourself emotionally, psychically, spiritually, on all levels will be the best support you gift yourself.

But you know, one day at a time, we are here to learn, to love and forgive and be who we are here to be. And a lot of our time is moving past fear we may be holding onto, consciously and unconsciously, of which is very important especially as we navigate these times.

Having said that though it can take an entire life time of deleting programs within, so to speak, so as to be who we are as what’s next to be released comes to the surface. We don’t know what we don’t know until we know it, whatever that might be that we are ready to learn. You can’t rush these things, all in good time. Some you can do yourself and some you can have others assist you, hold space as you move through whatever it is.

Just being proud that you are there for you and that you can do this. Someone else’s go to might not be yours, the lessons are in you or I, in getting that and doing accordingly what we feel drawn to do to assist our self. Not bagging the other for what works for them and doesn’t for you.

Patience and love as we go, and letting off steam as you ground yourself on the earth J

If we allow ourselves to be curious, insightful & in touch with our feelings we can be more aware of warning signals and having the tools that help us move through what comes up that is challenging.

Life is filled with so much, so be gentle and kind with loving supportive people who care and consider the lessons being learned for those you feel challenged by.

If you have any questions please ask.

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The work that I offer is laid out on my website that has been recently updated by my great web person Matt from Tonal Range. I’m happy to share those details if anyone was looking for a very experienced web person just ask me.


Much kindness and gentleness for you

Any questions please reply

Love Angela

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