March Blog 2021
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What are the simple things in life that you love? Is it a day at the beach with family or a friend or alone? Is it a rainy day inside having a cuppa, reading or writing a poem, clearing a room or sitting reading a book? Is it a sunrise or a sunset watching the sky dance to the light of day, the start or the end of, in any stage a season offers? Is it a home cooked meal, a salad, something warming, some beautiful raw deserts and a cup of tea? Is it sitting on the veranda chatting with the neighbour, or with a friend or alone watching nature, reading a book with a glass of kombucha? Is it doing yoga or meditating or relaxing with a friend?

It’s in the simple things of life, the turning off of the tv and getting into nature or clearing your space that really shifts stagnation and where we can really appreciate what we have around us, in our lives.

I love to clear things out and pass them onto others. I have a bag of some sort in my spare room that I no longer want and as I go through things over a few weeks I put it in the bag.
It’s a quite interesting looking at clothes I no longer like that I did and can think about the reason why I wore it and the stage that I went through.

Was I buying it because I needed it like a pair of jeans as the other couple of pairs are getting old or new top to freshen my choices?
Or was a need created out of the need to fill a void, a hole, a space that was uncomfortable or maybe past that stage and was now deeply imbedded in the unconscious? Time to do some personal Journey Work – that’s on going!

I love the simple, uncomplicated and to have friends where we can be truly ourselves.

Total acceptance of self takes time and it’s through others that we learn our likes and dislikes, who we are and who we are not and a whole lot else. The tough lessons we can learn from being around others in facing ourselves being honest and knowing what’s of value and when to walk away.

Your intentions done in a way that is inviting in the life you love to live is the focus not what you don’t want. Which can be a place where we get stuck and can lead to all sorts of crazies, aside of feeling confused and whatever else that comes with that we can get caught up in gossip which is toxic and you need to ask yourself what is actually going on inside of yourself that you are using another to poke and prod from a distance?

Check in with yourself, move on what’s ready to be moved on from and you might find an inventory could be a way to initially contain what it is you might require to move on. Then let it go.

News: I am now offering a program for those who would like to consider doing a healing intensive journey. This program will be offered in person at my clinic as well as on line nationally and internationally. It is not for the faint hearted it is for those wanting to step up and do the work. https://frizzkirby.com/product/empowering-life-journey/

The work that I offer is laid out on my website that has been recently updated by my great web person Matt from Tonal Range. I’m happy to share those details if anyone was looking for a very experienced web person just ask me.

Much kindness and gentleness for you
Any questions please reply
Love Angela