July 2020

In silence exists opportunity, where the ability to hear the inner realms of self or the inner voice so to speak, takes place. This is where we can choose love or fear, that our narrative is based in either of those paradigms or variances of.

We can certainly waver between but depending on the personal journey work that’s practiced daily as to which paradigm we choose to be in the majority of the time.

Each and every one of us has the ability to interpret the messages and thought patterns that we receive throughout our day. Even in our sleeping hours, the dreams we can decode and open up to the bigger message, through the signs and symbols shown.

We are also privy to the collective consciousness where we are plugged into the shared belief systems of the people on the planet.

But for now, let’s look at the basics such as, you know when you are thirsty or when you are feeling hungry or tired. How you respond determines how you relate to yourself in the way you choose that’s either supportive or otherwise.

Sometimes life circumstances appear like they are escalating out of control with some of the choices made or extenuating circumstances and how you attend to that which unfolds is up to you.

Some situations are difficult for example someone you know maybe leaving your life in some way, whether it’s permanent or not. This is a time where many stages are being felt and experienced and to be dealt with as they appear. Often it feels chaotic and like walking through uncharted territory, as there can be grief, anger and sadness that appears alongside of joy as there’s always love in there.

We do have choices in how we react and treat ourselves during upheavals of which we have seen the entire world experience over the last few months collectively.

How are you looking after yourself?

It is up to you after all.

And it is deeply empowering when we choose to take care in the way that we do, through the foods we ingest, the people we hang around, the mediation we do, other spiritual practices like yoga and choosing nature over cement where possible!

Notice where you make others wrong that in turns keeps you stuck in the place that you are, is that comfortable or not? That takes a bit to admit to at times, but it feels uncomfortable so we do know that something doesn’t feel correct when we project our stuff onto others. It feels toxic, and no matter how much you try and make the other wrong by believing you are correct, you may briefly feel relieved but then what you are avoiding returns.

I spent many years, which feels like lifetimes away now…… where I was in chaos and abandoned myself as a means to avoid any pain that was inside of me. I was feeling lost in life and that I didn’t belonged anywhere in particular and in a lot of instances I didn’t realise I was actually rebelling against myself. I was mistreating myself which took quite a while to understand as what appeared as the norm for many of us was in excess. But in looking for answers, feeling compelled to find higher ground and feel of value I searched (and continue to for there’s always on going learning) and success in a better daily life ensues.

But while the daily personal upkeep continues, fear still arises. But, at some stage it drops away throughout any given day. There’s that inner knowing that life is loving and giving rather than life taking.

And that is a worthy pathway. The daily routine of self-care is highly personal and what you choose is all a part of the life journey.

We are in the university of life after all, where we have the opportunity to learn what we choose to learn the majority of the time. We have regular trials, so to speak, where we can assess what comes to the surface, looking at us head on, often what we can no longer avoid and so brings the opportunity for change? Even if it’s just how you choose to see a situation.

If there’s something in your life presenting itself to be attended to then ask your highest most exalted self what do you feel about this? Sit quietly and what do you hear, or what presents over the next few minutes or days, that’s supportive and gives you clear indications to step into new the vistas awaiting!

If you have any questions or experiences you’d like to share please do.

I am also available for sessions if you go to my website http://frizzkirby.com/sessions-with-angela/ you can see what is there that you feel would suit you. I am happy to discuss this with you before you make an appointment with me.

Either face to face in my clinic here in Brompton or on line or phone.

Be you, love you and trust you, I do!


Sessions with Angela

– I am here for you, offering sessions one on one as I have my own private clinic, as the majority of you know.

– I am also offering sessions face to face on line via skype, Zoom, face book messenger, face time and telephone. I have several processes helpful to keep the stress levels down and learning to be with yourself in a way that you feel safe. There’s No point sitting and remaining in suffering.

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-Not forgetting My book, that is a life guide. It has gentle therapeutic processes in it, along with meditations and that are also on my web site. The perfect thing to be doing now, transformative and supportive. It has my black and white mandalas for you to colour for calming along with my 54 mandalas that are an oracle, so you can choose one daily for guidance.

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You can Call me – 0417 850 748

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Big Love, Grace & Blessings with distant for now Hugs