June Blog 2020

Hello to you as the ‘fresh’ of winter we’ve stepped into is well and truly with us, in the hemisphere of the south, that is!

I am now reminded of memories that I love like the cosy warmth of a lit fireplace or a pot belly stove, and the sound of a storm as I’m safe inside! Juxtaposed with the feeling of warmth from wearing protective clothes whilst out in the elements. Being in big weather, although it can feel treacherous is exhilarating and to share the intensity of nature rolling with the heaven’s expression can be powerful.

I was bought up on the land down south, where being and working outside was a part of the daily job. The animals needed to be looked after along with many other things to be done. I also used to work out bush, up north where the terrain was steeped in great contrast to the south.

I look back at those times and the stories that went with them and wonder if I would love to be out in that again? And yes, I would, the space, the views, the birds, the quiet, the peace and energetics of the environment is beautiful. But it would be the south that I prefer for the coolness is far greater of which I love.

I think I might be a bit soft and require some toughening up to withstand the work of the outdoors. As living rural comes with many jobs to be done, a place to maintain! I defiantly go through stages of wanting to have that deep connection of living on the land with loads of space all around me. To know the season’s change and to read intuitively a day through the clouds or the clear skies and the feel of the air I love.

I was able to stand on the veranda for the most recent storms, watching the depth of colour in the clouds and rolling thunder sound out after the cracks of lightening. And with that came hail, shooting to the ground bouncing all over the lawn and accumulating enough in some areas reminding me, briefly, of snow! Something we rarely witness here on the flats of Adelaide! I love to watch stormy weather doing its thing, the mood it creates, of which is always a choice.

Considering the time, we are experiencing, my meditation practice has become even more precious. I trust that you are also partaking in practices that are life supporting? I have been loving the additional daily meditations with Deva Premal and Miten, just finishing up 77 days tomorrow on FB! I missed 2 days and then I realised that they intended to continue, a few days in, and they decided a week ago that they would take it to the 77 day mark.
It has been a really powerful experience plugging in with like-minded souls globally. Initially it began at 7.30am but they changed the time back an hour (they are in Costa Rica) and we then dropped away from day light saving it then became 5.30am, just after my own daily meditation. It became a Mediation sandwich! I wonder if any of you have been doing it with them as well?

I am very proud to have my updated Clearing Mist now available on line. Up until now I’ve only had them at the Expos and in my clinic and studio. But over the past few weeks I’ve had many people enquire about them and come a purchase from here and I’ve been posting them to clients not local.
And so, I decided to open up the availability to sell them on my website: http://frizzkirby.com/clearing-mist/
They are made by me and the considered timing is always in the hours benevolent to the making of. The Mist has Essential oils that are therapeutic grade, Blessed/holy water, bush essences and the spring water.
Soooo good for clearing the detritus of a stagnating room with one or 2 squirts at best and most importantly for yourself. More details on the website : http://frizzkirby.com/clearing-mist/
I’m really happy to know that they are sort after, as they work exceptionally well.

Be you, love you and trust you, I do!