May Blog 2020

How are you? These times we are indeed in New territory. With opportunity to live differently or in ways we’ve yearned to bring about! With a daily inner vision of a life of choice, regardless of outer circumstances, we get to watch what happens over the coming time.

A few questions to ponder if you will!

What has been sustaining your emotional and spiritual self-health over the past few weeks? Have you been meditating? Have you been walking? What other forms of exercise do you do? Are you spending time alone or always around others but yearn for quiet?

Has there been more acting out on the unhealthful? You know, the over thinking, over eating, over watching TV, conversations that are toxic that leave you in fear?

It’s in the over exposure that you can feel the energy of the stodgy and uncomfortable. And it’s in that knowing that invites change. But it is also interesting what we can put up with, the continuous shoving down of emotions with foods and drinks and other substances for extended periods of time, sometimes years!!!

Now is one of those times when it can be heightened to be attended to! You can do it!

It is in the fear of the unknown that we can procrastinate and allow what’s in the unconscious to hold us back. Step one is ask for help if you feel you require support, no one gets off scot free of pain and suffering as well as the wonderous and delightful in life!

When I need help I ask for it, nothing changes otherwise.

Notice your thoughts right now. Are they helpful to you or are they making you feel like you’re in a sinking ship? Change them and notice the change in you.

What supports you daily? For me I can’t tell you how grateful I am for meditating every day. Within moments to a few days the difference can be felt, let alone the benefits from many years of a daily meditative practice.

The same goes with yoga. You find what suits you, what you feel most drawn to and go from there.

Start at the beginning and don’t compare yourself if you are in a group. This journey is about you not others.

While sharing stories and experiences are of value at some stage the journey is solo, it’s special.

I know I talk about yoga and meditation a lot but as it is a way of life that feels deeply valuable I can’t help but to go on about it. Especially now!

If you haven’t meditated before starting with a half hour or an hour maybe too much which may lead to you quitting within a very short time.

As it is about being with our self. If your life has always been external, without time in silence aside of sleep, then learning to sit quietly allowing yourself to follow your breath can feel daunting.

But over time you will learn to detach from your thoughts and allow yourself to drift into deep states of stillness where inner bliss belongs. It’s ok you got this.

– Start with a minute! Yup, 1 minute. Even the first 10 seconds can seem intense! Keep it simple, find a place where you won’t be disturbed. You have the choice of lighting a candle and or making this spot a regular spot that builds up your scared energy. You may have a few more things on an alter for example flowers, or crystals that you love, or simply hold a crystal that you choose.

– You may also like to have an intention, where you state that you are at peace with your life, or are in peace during your meditation, or intending a great day ahead or that you sleep well tonight, then begin.

– There are many possibilities but this is about going within, so simple is best. Close your eyes, and take a big deep breath in and hold for a couple of seconds and slowly breathing out. You can count to five as you the breath in and out to the count of five and then allow yourself to drift into stillness. Sometimes our mind goes off on a tangent, that’s ok, notice and it will shift on.

Do this daily and you will build on the time. And as you are aware there is plenty of on-line support for meditations, however I can’t emphasize enough the quality of being in silence with you first and foremost.

If you have any questions please ask me.

I’d love to hear your feedback and how you are going.

Sessions with Angela

– I am here for you, offering sessions one on one as I have my own private clinic, as the majority of you know, fortunately without the traffic of other people! Appropriate Distancing is in place.

– I am also offering sessions face to face on line via skype, Zoom, face book messenger, face time and telephone. I have several processes helpful to keep the stress levels down and learning to be with yourself in a way that you feel safe. There’s No point sitting and remaining in suffering.

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Big Love, Grace & Blessings with distant for now Hugs