February Blog 2020
What does a ‘Meaningful’ Life, for you, consist of? You might consider another word than meaningful, have a play.
If you are working is your career, or the work that you do, what you love to do?
Does it have meaning and that you feel you have accomplished something at the end of the shift? How do you feel?

Is your home life, retired life or other than a work life what you love to do? What would you like to be doing?
Is your home life peaceful, a place where you feel safe, where you can unwind fully, feel content and that it’s a great place to be? What are you expecting?

Is the trip or holiday you’re planning where ‘you’ want to go and who you are going with are they the one/s you want to go with?
What would a trip away with just yourself be like?
Where have you always dreamed of going to and are you alone, with another or in a group setting with many others? Where do you want to go?

Is the new home the one you want to buy or are you settling for the sake of ‘this will do’ and that can be for a variety of reasons. Like the pressure that you feel it’s easier to cave into that pressure from self in that you feel you don’t deserve or from others? Where is it that you would love to live and what is the type of home and house you would love to live in and own? Or is there something else you would rather do?

Are the studies that you are doing what you love to do or are they what another expects of you? What is it that you love to know and learn about?

Is your health regime that you do, including exercise, spiritual practice, in gestation of foods where you would like it to be? What is your body telling you?

The list of where you are in your life now and the things you love to do and what you do don’t have to be miles apart. It’s all running along-side of each other through the choices we make or don’t make.

You know the saying – ‘not making a choice is making a choice’! And what happens as a result of that?

Life isn’t out to get us, it’s here to help us and to make the choices of where we want to be. However, doing and feeling the ‘right here right now’ is where we always are and provided we trust that, no matter how much sense that makes or not it’s in the trusting that ‘getting there’ is indeed great learning, in knowing that, we are somehow on track. That’s a long sentence!!!

I’m simply asking you to check in with yourself. We can be people pleasers and end up taking everyone else’s ideals into account but our own. It’s a great lesson in getting to know yourself. In that you go along initially for the ride of it, as that’s what you know, then it becomes uncomfortable and then you question it, sometimes for the first time or again. Whichever arrives first, and then we either begin to make others around us incorrect until we are over the situation and decide to change it. In other words, we transfer our issues onto others until we begin to see that it’s us we are looking at and recognise that it is us that requires the change.

The search for SELF comes in many guises and from one extreme to another for example, through entangled relationships and torrid friendship. To acting out in addictive cycles to recognising that something needs to change if you are seeking to be content and to have a meaningful life. Be gentle and be kind, love you and others in your life, and some we leave behind and that’s ok, ok!

Life is on our side, and yes some of life is really tough and we all go through the tough stuff, it is a part of journey. Navigating our way through and learning to love our self is really the ultimate and the lessons that come with that to ensure that we do indeed get it.

Learning to trust our path and really listen to yourself and what you feel is best is your lesson and yours only. We can argue and complain all we like but how is that working for us? What if we let that go and attempt another way and see what synchronicities arrive at the door, for life really is magical even in the storm!

Much grace for you