December Blog 2019

Here we are, in December, another year to have been blessed with. I wonder what you have thought about since my last blog regarding coming to the end of this year?

What have you added onto, with your ‘life-long learning’ and what you can appreciate now, and ready to embrace or move on from?

Time certainly has sped up and provided we can get out of our own way, as we up level into a new paradigm. Where, what can no longer exist in our lives either personally and or collectively either ceases and expires completely or transforms into a better pathway of existence.

Now while I’m not an expert on all things worldly, I certainly have noticed huge changes within our global community and some of the bigger systems of support are no longer viable to sustain our world and new systems being put in place. That can look different for each of us.

So how we choose to move through these times is up to us, our thinking and feeling needs to be optimal. Rise above drama, get out of any immediately.

While I understand progress has always been in place in the appearance of change in all its forms, we have chosen to be here now and so we have many tools that help us a long in our journey.

But we don’t know what we don’t know, and so what, why and how would you need or use ‘tools’ in these changing times?

Because emotionally it can be quite intense and so on the list that I have mentioned many times and will continue to in many ways…. Are loving healthy friendships and family relations, organic or cleaned fresh organic fruit and vegetables and well sourced protein, exercise that is perfect for your body, daily meditation and making a list of what you have gratitude for and therapeutic grade essential oils, Bush Essences, reading great books, being creative, bush walks, camping… The list can of course go on and on. Have an astrology chart done, yearly, I have for decades now and it’s very informative!

If none of these are in use then the intensity of our daily life would be ‘felt’ as uncomfortable in many ways. And it might be difficult to contain our self and not project our angst onto others. Having the daily spiritual practices and healthful living is a job that is ours to be proud of being responsible for.

Have the best Christmas, I am around for those who would like either therapy sessions or healing of the Crystal Light bed or Raindrop Technique, Reiki or Reading. www.frizzkirby.com

I also have Christmas presents available in the form of my Book Creating Wisdom and Magic in Life and Love, a book that will be relevant through any bodies life in a tool that helps emotionally on all levels. Prints that are available of my mandalas along with several of the originals framed or unframed. There are now 58 mandalas completed in the series, 54 which are in my book. Available for you as a print are what’s up on my web site.

I also have my Sacred Clearing Mist that has Holy Water, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and Bush Essences. It is of great benefit to mist one or two to squirts to freshen a room up, or yourself if you feel flat or wanting an uplifting feeling.

Use the mist if you have something special to celebrate to set the stage.

This mist is filled, only, with the bounty of the earth and made with love.

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Big love and gentle travelling


Let me know your thoughts I love to hear from you and read all replies.