November Blog 2019

It’s the final aspects of this year.
I wonder how you would describe this year?
If you took a moment or two or made some time to contemplate what you have done, the roads you have travelled, the work that you have been doing, the friends and family you have around you or not.

The mood of the year, what you have noticed, how you have been physically and emotionally, and what steps in responsibility you have taken to step up in your world in being you?

It’s been a ‘fast’ year, one of diving into ‘all things study’ for me and travel with the work that I do. It has been fascinating and I have been down some intense and very interesting rabbit holes. I am very grateful for what I have been learning and it gets down to being there for those I care for and those who I don’t know and care for!

And I have no doubt that in whatever way that you have also been available in many ways to others aside of the immediacy of yourself. That’s great, be proud of you!

Some days are very intense for many a reason and ‘checking in’ first up in being honest with self to ask what’s really going on within is a great step. ‘What am I feeling and where and what’s the next best step to take?”. Rather than blindly going from one project to the next, which I am seriously guilty for at times.

Sometimes it’s as simple as Stop, breathe and chill out. Be with yourself, love yourself & congratulate yourself on getting to where you are now. And if you are somewhere you aren’t content with then what are the changes you need to make and is it time to ask for assistance? That help can be from mainstream or listening to your higher self!
The clues are in your feelings and the synchronicities in your life. Are they flowing or not?

Let me know your thoughts I love to hear from you and read all replies.

Big love and gentle travelling
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