October Blog 2019
Your own Soul Blessing
The changes we go through in life can be subtle through to intense and extreme, and we all notice this!

I wonder if you were to jot down your ‘big’ experiences over the past ten years for example, what you have been through, and what the changes are that you’ve encountered. They may have been ‘small’ but still impactful, once you start to think about things, or large and momentous.

Do not compare others with your life, this is you we are talking about here and your recollection, even if another or many experienced the same situation/s. You aren’t here about them, this is you and your experience. And going on about another is simply you distracting you!

Whether it be friendships changing, changing residence, or relationships beginning or ending, illness, accidents or your work life, what you have experienced in whatever capacity it is for you. How have you handled this?

Here are a few steps to consider.
1- Find a quiet spot and get yourself a piece/s of paper and biro. I also recommend peace and quiet around you, if possible, as it is less distracting.
2- I suggest that you then, light a candle (candle representing a sacred space and moment in time of reverence) and sit where you aren’t disturbed for at least 30 minutes, but of course this is all up to you. Remembering that we are responsible for our lives and implementing changes as we can on all levels of our being.
3- Now you can place a few headings down from what I have mentioned above that you have experienced or just one. You just begin somewhere and start to write them down, as you won’t get this wrong. Like ‘moved interstate to live 2012’, started a business 2015’, ‘married or breakup or both!’. And when you feel that’s enough then stop. Maybe one thing is more than enough, that’ perfectly fine. You are the one in charge here.
4- Close your eyes and take a few big deep breaths in and out and then contemplate what has happened, the heading/s you have written down. And notice whether you are going into the story and feelings that go with it or if you are simply the observer. You may find you do this for several minutes or more?
5- Now begin to write next to the headings what you feel is relevant to the situation, your thoughts and feelings. How you’ve been affected, if you are still carrying and coming from this wound or passion or whatever it is.
6- Sometimes you might find you are writing for a long period of time and other times it’s more in point format. Let’s let go of right or wrong here. As this is actually about you being accountable to you not me or anyone else. You can do this process and then rip it up or burn it or keep it in a journal.

See where this takes you, what you encounter and your feelings noted along the way?

Be gentle with yourself rather than berate. But it is also ok to get cranky as long as you allow it to run its course and then move on. What were the lessons that you experienced and where did you allow others to take over or were you were afraid to ask for assistance?

Why do this? Because rather than leave this all sitting within you it allows you to have a eagles’ eye view of what the path has been and what patterns have emerged and noting what you feel proud of and what you would like to change, lessons learned in this university of life!

There may be resistance in doing this but that’s a good sign as it’s the one that suggests there’s work to be done, how much you put in is up to you….Rome wasn’t built in a day.

So, you can do this sort of thing over a period of time, as we have the rest of our lives, however long that may be! We are a work in progress. I find writing is powerful in what it evokes and then I feel I’ve had my say, and that helps me to move on to be feeling right here right now. Instead of some story going around in my head that’s not doing me any favour.

Let me know how you find doing this if you choose to, it’s all helpful soul work. I love to hear your thoughts and experiences. And if you need assistance ask for it. Who you choose is up to you.

I would also suggest that at the end you either begin to doodle/scribble and ex-press with the pen that you have or colour pencils or pastels of your choice.

You may also consider using an essential oil after the process as you do some doodle/scribble or drawing outright something that you feel compelled to do. It will assist with integrating this work.

Wrap up – You have contemplated aspects of your life – written down what has moved you in whatever capacity – you’ve had some moments of quiet to allow the situation/s to reveal to you what needed to be – you have then dialogued with that.
And then you have used the pen or pencil or whatever mark maker that you have and soothed and calmed what’s come up by spreading the colour or ink around (you are not having to be an artist here you are merely using the material as a vehicle to navigate feelings, so we are all able to do this). The essential oil if you choose, (only use good ones), you breathe a tiny amount in and allow it to shift along and close the door on what’s ready to move on and to stay open to what’s new and important and relevant in life your now. Don’t ask how things will unfold, you trust that it will and that you are ready.

Big love and gentle travelling