September Blog 2019

Well, it’s always great to get out into the country to bring on the big skies, that I so adore and the immense happiness and freedom I feel as a result. With recent trips away for my work and more to come I feel it’s a real pick me up, a refresher and a switch to cleanse with the world of landscape and to wash the city debris from my vision!

It offers time alone to contemplate even if only brief. My eyes to drink in the amazing skies above, I can’t help but feel revived.

Sure, I can do that at home on my walks but in the country the landscape invites peace for me and it invites space to see other life perspectives, with nature in full glory to contemplate. Some nights on my walk I can see a fantastic sky filled with clouds and often great passion oozed across the vastness, in a myriad of colours of an ensuing sunset. My wish is to be able see the full glory without a mountain of houses and buildings in the way!!! So that the finale of the sun sinking at the horizon point I can watch in its entirety!

But houses represent community and belonging within that context, with a sense of helping another or others and of being supported. And that is a part of our job!

I love the ‘familiar driving’ in the country, as with the locals the index finger goes up as a wave hello to passing cars, that’s what country folk do. And out and about the conversations are usually always easy to strike up and get into, and more readily accepted. Whereas in the city that can almost be seen as madness, being over friendly, like being too keen! Something I have been serously guilty of, and still do.

At times I visualise myself in the country living and wonder if my longing for it would be satisfied? I wonder if I would now be scared of being alone in all that space and it would be dark at night, of which the city brightness I have become accustomed to gives sight! Something to get over, I’d like to try that again, after all that’s where I began.

And my favourite shop in the Central market I would miss, House of Health, Shop 72 – 75, that was shop 73, Rob & Chester!!! (OMG It has sooooo been upgraded it is amazing). And Plant 4 where ‘Beach Organics’ with the great Barry and Melony Beach are, for the real and ready spices, herbs and real raw chocolate and real argon oil etc. And not to forget another big time favourite of mine ‘Milkless Cheese’, with each creation being amazing in taste, I just love it and Laura who is always lovely to chat with I would so miss. Grandma Ben serves such yummy healthy homemade cooking I just don’t get sick of it! And, of course, the great Remedy Bliss with her amazing contribution to helping guide us to inner health with her real and live foods and her daughter’s latest creations to boot. Seriously we are so blessed in Adelaide. I would miss that if I left, wouldn’t you! These have become my family in a roundabout way and I really look forward to seeing them each week or when I do.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this but at times I just want to go live in the country and move away from the toxi-city and dive into freshness. But I wonder if it isn’t just a whim that needs to be looked from within me rather than outside. The thought of starting up again somewhere else, after so many address’s over the years right now, I don’t’ feel thrilled about it and I love living where I do currently. Friends are great to have around of which are all special to me, but I do love adventure.

So that inner yearning has begun and what I have learned over the years is to roll with it and know that like pieces of the jigsaw hints begin to appear, opportunity comes in and I am then looking at a new pathway to head down. I get very excited when that happens as it just ‘feels right’, I just know that. And while there’s work to be done I can roll with it knowing a new pathway is opening up ahead. How does that happen in your life?

The trick is not to sabotage with toxic thinking and seriously, let go and trust the path. Not fear the unknown and keep away from those who don’t share your dreams, in fact it’s better to keep most to yourself so like a seed that is nurtured within and at the right time birthed and without the imposed upon, by another.

In the meantime, it’s great to encourage one another, and congratulate for living this courageous life that we do!

If you would like to share your feedback with me please do as I love reading all of the replies.

Big love and gentle travelling