August Blog 2019
The energy of each day is different and some of days are very intense and it is important to acknowledge this rather than ignore it. What do I mean by that, well firstly if we look at the unconscious aspect, in that you begin your day with the current tough energies (we are all swimming in), while wrangling with yourself you start to let loose with dissatisfaction and if anyone is around you may dump your anxiousness and disdain for the world onto another in that moment. Or you may be short tempered with another and cranky and dump that as well or if you’re on your own you feel compelled to slam something or the like.

Being conscious is being aware and means that you are able to discern and check in with yourself, you notice your feelings, whether that be physical or emotional discomfort.

The moon affects the earth and we are on the planet and are also affected, along with a lot of other aspects in all things Astro’, but I’m not going to go into anything big in that regard as I’m not trained. But my interest has been since I was a teenager and skirted around it and have several books and had my personal birth charts done yearly for many years.

I understand that some of you may not be into what I’m into and that’s ok, I love how we are all different and have much to share with one another. SO be patient with me as I share my thoughts and observing, inner and outer.

Learning to own our stuff is very important so that we don’t spray our crazies onto others, but also know that if you’ve checked in with you, then you are aware what your feelings are about. A variety of things could be going on, you get to parent yourself. Whether it is illness that you feel or you go over your check list and you get that all is in relatively good order.

But if there is an unease that persists, it then can literally be the energies that are surrounding us on many levels. And that ranges from the levels of Wi-Fi, negative energies unseen and another person’s feelings being exuded so we are empathically picking up on them to what is happening out in the skies around us right down, to the energies, bad scents around the house exude the stench, of which some are subtle.

How do you discern what it is going on? As mentioned earlier if your boxes are ticked as far as where you are in your life are all ok then you get to understand that the vibrations around you are possibly not actually yours, you’re a part of it in that you are feeling them but the frequency you are picking up on, you’re feeling it. And that may last for a few minutes to a few hours.

The more we clean our act up by what we eat, who we hang with, let go of using toxic products like cleaning agents, perfumes and the like and the more we meditate, a spiritual practice of some sort the more sensitive we become. Frustrating maybe, but great for helping us to discern about the pathways we head down and how we navigate them if we haven’t let toxic situations go altogether.

When we detox we can go through some aches and suffering, and when emotionally go through suffering what is it we are learning?… Rather than the main stream analogy of ‘you’ve lost it or you’ve failed or are wrong’ for what you’ve been seeking or doing or intending, know that it is about opening up to you, but firstly old ways within need to be shed…

When we get sick there are several options not just the superficial shoving it down but parenting ourselves and diving into what is this teaching us … journal and be curious as you are taking yourself to higher levels… past Society quick fix.

I’d love to hear your feedback how you have found this relevant in your life.
Big love and gentle travelling