July Blog 2019
Getting the health on, I’ve been doing the celery juice ritual of drinking 2 cups daily on an empty stomach (no additives, just celery juice) since December 2018. After reading the book that came out about 3 years ago, that some of you would be familiar with, ‘Medical Medium’, by Anthony William. It certainly has taken off big time, as it would seem that almost every person and their dog have been doing it!

Emma Bellamy a good friend of mine, (who wrote the book ‘Baking a Baby’ a very good read for those starting families….she is giving birth as I write this!!!) mentioned it to me last year. I was reluctant as I have a mountain of books to get through that I felt had way more priority than adding this one into the mix, but never the less I trusted her opinion that it was ‘seriously good’. So, I purchased it and got stuck into it.

I chose to do the daily celery juicing and I have never consumed so much celery. Initially it took a bit of getting used to buying a couple of bunches or more at a time, just for me! Of course, organic is recommended but if I haven’t been able to find any at the time I use good water, not tap, that I put a couple of drops of Young Living Essential oils of ‘orange’ or ‘citrus fresh’ in and let the stalks soak for a while, that shifts the chemicals. (I do not recommend any other oils other than Young Living as they would have chemicals in them, even if they say they are pure and organic!) I soak the organic as well. If you want more info on that I am happy to assist you.

I was a bit apprehensive to prepare it as I haven’t got a juicer at the moment but it’s all sorted out now and I know how much to put in the blender each time. I use the Nut Milk bag to push the celery blend through into a measuring jug so I know I have the 16 oz. Yes, it can be a bit messy but I it takes a couple of wipes and all is cleaned up!

He is specific about no additions to it, you can use celery in other ways throughout the day as you please but for this, celery only, not even the addition of water. And then wait 15 minutes to have breakfast.

Rich in Vitamins A and K, as are most vegetables but celery juice removes crystallized toxic salts and adds beneficial sodium and serves as a critical component of neurotransmitters and the most powerful electrolyte. The celery book is also beneficial to purchase for more details.

I did the coconut kefir for a couple of years or more and that is a big job also to make, and very beneficial but I wanted to make a change. And then I wondered a few weeks ago if it was time to give the celery juicing a break and head back into the coconut kefir making again. I discussed this with a friend who is also doing the celery juice, and in her research, she had mentioned that it something to do for the amazing benefits for the rest of our life, so onwards I go for now.

What have I noticed, well, where I am being supported already by some of the best supplements and superfoods available, the celery juice on top has cleaned the cupboard out and freshened the whole place up. Joints that were a bit creaky have untangled, and any tiredness that may lurk during the afternoon has left the building.

You don’t need to be ill to read this book, and like several other books I’ve got in my library, this is a staple for sure. Plus, he has other books out that work synergistically along-side of the Medical Medium, one being Celery Juice as already mentioned and the Liver Rescue and Life changing Foods. Which is basically about eating fruit and vegetables, and what I found interesting that the sugars in fruit we digest easily within 10 minutes of use and therefore eat plenty of and can eat seasonally and unseasonal fruit and veg. So, get stuck into the fruit.

Keeping things simple, the way I was bought up was with fresh fruit and veg daily and now in this day and age, we need to unlearn the habits of canned and processed food, as they are addictive and have no nutritional value.

It certainly opens the doors for those who have tried everything to get their health in order main stream to give what Anthony William suggests to do a go. The case studies show people who embrace what is suggested have great success. I highly recommend this one for the amazingness that it is for looking after ourselves in a healthy manner and chemical free.

Working on all levels of our being emotionally, physically, spiritually and intellectually is very important. If we are doing the emotional work we need the support of healthy natural foods and addressing our spiritual needs such as meditation & yoga, like drinking good water and cleaning our teeth.

Why wait until you can’t get out of bed? Listening to our body and being fully responsible for our self is our job, it’s that simple. Stuff happens I do understand that, so it’s important to get, that your body is the vessel that you have to be in this life time and so education in how you maintain yourself on all levels is a part of the life path.

I wonder what your thoughts are around that? And please feel free to share with me what you think and your experiences.

Daily mediation, exercise, healthy friendships, time alone to integrate your day, to process and digest to either do something or nothing about is up to each of us. Learning to love and trust you is our first priority.

Lots of love and grace to you as we sail through life together.