Blog 2019

I’m afraid to….This always happens to me…..I can’t believe life is always like this, awful…..it’s their fault, her fault, his fault, ….it’s not fair, I’m this or that expletive…. Life’s is always better for others not me…..does any of this sound familiar? The on-going put me downs of our learnings of self-dissatisfaction from our ego, our family systems and along with the mass consciousness of negative beliefs.

And with Mercury in retrograde for 3 weeks, but it actually slows down in its orbit around the sun and creates the illusion of going backwards, let’s not get caught up in fear and terror. Where we are concerned, our communication can slow down and can create mishap in a few ways, like for example technology mucking up or in signing contracts.

Emotionally there can be challenges but I would also suggest that the 3 or 4 times a year that it occurs that it’s time to address what’s coming to the surface, that we can work with it, either through journaling rather than dumping it on someone else or shove things down internally, and allowing the transformations to transpire when they’re ready to. That we stay out of fear and if things appear to run awry then it’s time to calm things down.

We can get caught up in the maelstroms of life where the fast paced has us swept up in all things dramatic. I for one, as an empath, can definitely get caught up in the dramatics. I will remove myself from the everyday and head out for a walk or do some creative work or the like to clear the air. Spending time with self is of great importance to rejuvenate on all levels.

Over the time, if we choose to, of becoming more acquainted with our self, emotionally working through the back log we came in with this life, we begin to garner more respect for ourselves. The negative put downs drop away automatically and while others around may carry on, you feel don’t feel compelled to say anything, as they repel and you can remain in silence or move onto another subject or leave altogether!

Getting caught up in it all you can spiral in the negative and you can feel the energy that is not supportive and the conversation can become volatile. Listen to the way you speak about yourself, and note if you put yourself down, ask yourself why am I doing this? You might be surprised at the answers that appear over the next few days, not just the first obvious one. Explore and let me know your thoughts.

Sending you the love, that we all are, to thrive, to be the greatest for self and all.

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