November Blog 2018

I am very happy to announce my book “Creating Wisdom & Magic in Life & Love” has been published. Quite a journey that is for sure. And I would love to share this journey with you.

The first aspect of the book I go into some of my background of being a child who was adopted back in the early 60’s. This pathway of origin led me onto a long journey of discovery, and one that I realised many years later that I was actually looking for myself, my true authentic self. Through this growth and through many life challenges I opened up to my creative path, that I believe healed my life and continues to, as life and the great and challenging juxtaposed continue to ensue!!!

I have been a visionary artist from childhood, but this path wasn’t just about being an artist, it was about being able to express myself at deeper levels where I could enable healing to take place, not looking to exhibit the healing journey work, but for my eyes, body and soul. This all led onto becoming a Therapist and researching and studying lot of the work that I am offering now.

This sets the stage for the next aspect of the book.

It is experiential in nature, meaning that that it is a personal journey working book if you choose it to use it. One where you take yourself on a journey of self-discovery, either you have been on this spiritual journey already or possibly opening up to it, this pathway is creative and gentle in self-exploration.

As we slide into this new paradigm we are all feeling the effects of on all levels of our being. From deep unease to moments of joy and feeling on track! And the work that I am offering in this book is a way for you to unfold that unease and set yourself up with tools that help to garner a sense of respect for yourself and get on with your life.

Life is change so we either flow with it or against it, and having tools and working on our stuff is paramount to our on-going well-being.

Shoving down emotions isn’t healthy for any of us, it is a part of self-responsibility to work on our inner world to live a satisfyingly great life being you. We all ride the waves of the tumultuous to the contrasting beautiful and sublime, collectively and individually.

The book goes onto sharing ‘The Mandala Oracle’ that being 54 Coloured Mandala drawings that I have been working on over the past 10 years (that series is on-going). You can open up to a page randomly and that is the energy surrounding you for that day or for the question that you are enquiring about. It is a guide not a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ about specifics, which is the best way for this oracle to work for you as. The mandalas each offer the individual energy with you. The prescriptive healing of colors and shapes, of which I was gifted the language of each one, to first draw and then share with you as guidance. This body of work is from Spirit, it is channeled.

There are also 20 small black and white mandalas for you to fill with colour and then some poetry and some recommendations of people who have guided me on my journey.

Enjoy and any questions please ask me. There will be free meditations on my web site www.frizzkirby.com very soon. The book is available either as a hard copy or Ebook on either Balboa Press, Amazon.com/au, Booktopia, Barnes & Noble or http://www.frizzkirby.com/shopnew/

Much gratitude


Angela Kirby
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