Been Here Before?

‘Ohh my, I have been here before’….. do you ever get that feeling? Yep, thought so, more of course so!!! Some event, situation, occurrence, however you put it happens and you get the been here done this before!


So, what’s the twist, how is it turning, how am I responding to it, do I feel like I am going backwards or am I actually moving way ahead? Well, that’s up to me and how I tell the story, to myself firstly and then how I share it with others.


When looking at a situation, that you have created (as we are the creators), one that you have visited before can you see the opportunity to do things differently. If we aren’t clear about that, for example if it is a business you wanted to start or a new job, relationship, friendship, what are your intentions?


I would say, of course, that for each of us our choices will be different and that what suits me might be completely the opposite for you. But the main thing is, that our intentions are pretty clear in what outcomes we are wanting to achieve. Some points I might share might not all be suitable for you but by taking a step, by making that call, or writing that email or visiting that location you are opening a door.


There are many options to choose from.


There are a lot of “How to do” courses out there in the world including my suggestions, however if you learn to follow what your heart sings then you’re on a sound track for a starter. Sometimes a situation we choose while it may seem like you’ve stepped backwards take a look at what the great aspects are, before you get hooked into the negatives. What do you notice, what do you learn then let it go?

And sometimes when we choose, from fear, another person’s suggestions and we take that path and it may or may not work out, generally speaking. However, you can at some stage, take full responsibility and turn that ship around. Meditate, who am I, is what am I wanting to bring into my life for me or am I ok right here right now and trust that all is unfolding. Being in greatness with your feelings, gratitude and love is sending light out into the world and bringing more of it your way.

Lots of big greatness in opportunity, peace and gentleness