It’s interesting when I visit my home town and catch up with friends. The great conversations we share about our lives and where we are at. Getting together, having a meal and nattering about, in some cases, the years we may have been living on opposite sides of the world from each another and the relationships that we were in. And it’s fascinating to travel around town looking at all things that were once everyday sites, aspects no longer there and the growth of the town but the surrounding landscape still very much the same and that I love.

The familiarity is comforting and for me the disconnecting when I leave to return to where I now call home can be a fascinating journey. One that can be of hilarity in memories of the antics I used to get up to, as I’m driving away, back to Adelaide. To the sheer brazenness of determination to search for new pathways when all else seemed lost in the ‘where to next’, totally convinced there was more to life than what was appearing. But also, the longing for what was and that somehow, I would very much love to be there still and living in my own home again and working with the beautiful volcanic soils in my garden. And be a part of the cold winters air, the wood fire burning inside and with the magical mist in the paddocks as the evening settles in.

But I do know that within me that longing for comfort and longing to head home that there is a stirring of discomfort looking to be released, to be settled. That I need to listen to the stirrings and what they have to share.

For all the places I have lived thus far and all the situations and amazing landscapes and people that I have seen and met that this familiar longing to find was mostly me that I was looking for all along. I wasn’t aware but it was through the journey that I grew, from the adventures I went on and absolutely trust, that when there’s stirring to go home that I am actually already here. And rather than stay in any melancholy or unsteadiness that’s arisen use my creativity to express and draw my feelings and watch them shapeshift into the answers and release the uneasiness. And this isn’t about being an artist, it is just spreading colour around on paper, choosing colours that I want to use until I feel that’s enough, there’s a beginning, an exploration and then a knowing that it’s done. ( This can be done with other materials also or even doing yoga or dancing)

Knowing that I can have these feelings anywhere, no matter where I am.

For it’s in the feel good and gratitude for the beauty that surrounds me that I know I am exactly where I am meant to be. And when the next adventures arrive, and they always arrive on time, I’ll have my bags packed or even my house packed and be ready to start afresh.

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