April Blog 2018
What is your list of the 12 aspects of tranquility in your life?
It might look a little like this or not?
1/ Being outdoors daily for grounding and seeing the big picture, walking, time with friends.
2/ Being excited about the healthy friendships you have.
3/ What is it that you absolutely love to do that makes you feel good and is life supporting?
4/ Being with that special someone that you love, if that is yourself as you are foot loose and fancy free, then this is where you start. For loving self enables the possibility to love others.
5/ Ensuring Home base is ‘no drama’ free and consider other areas that might need attention?
6/ Love that beautiful you when you see yourself in the mirror!
7/ Cease any negative talk about yourself. And ask yourself what you are seeing in yourself when you do a negative gig on others.
8/ Ask yourself what lesson/s are you learning around the people you have in your life? If you are done with it then let it go!
9/ Flowers from the garden or greenery from a vine or some sort of plant that speaks of life in your home. Let it fill the air be cleaned with a plant like a spider plant will do.
10/ Honoring yourself in the choices that others around you make as to whether or not it sits well with you or not, will you stay or will you go?
11/ Reading a book or researching what you love. Learning is empowering, knowledge and adds skills to embrace.
12/ A healthy lifestyle of foods in your kitchen warms the heart and keeps you feeling good.
The list can go on and on…….is there any resistance to making any of the choices maybe they already exist and all you need do is tweak a wee bit?

What are your answers to these, I’d love your feed-back.

Be still, be calm, choose love and be the beautiful you