March 2018 Blog

Should, shouldn’t, busy, too much, too long, too hot, too cold, too hard, it won’t work, it will be hard, it is hard, working hard is the only way to be to get real results…..difficult, it’s the only way, it’s too much, I’ll never do well, I’ll never be accepted, no-one will ever love me, I’m too young, too old, there isn’t enough, they always get what they want, I will always be this disaster, that or the other, but anything and far from what I desire!!!!!! Too fat, too skinny, falling apart, it just won’t work, there’s not enough time, it’s already been done before, so why bother!!!!????
Does any of that Sound familiar of what rolls around in your mind daily!!!! And what about the feelings that ride right along-side of thinking thoughts like that? Not a lot of good in the ‘feelings’ department at all, in fact feeling like a failure or like life will never change when life is nothing but change is being caught in a rift that smells badly of things gone by. The past!!!! ‘I don’t know’ is a good thing, it’s a field of all possibilities, it isn’t the past, it’s an asset not a liability.
In planting seeds of your hopes and desires then you must trust that at some stage they will turn up, and in the best way, just for you from the I don’t know!!!
What if your life was the majority fun, you felt comfortable with yourself, trusted in life no matter what was appearing, loved the work that you do and didn’t consider yourself ‘busy’ even if you were working long hours, but the mere fact that you love what you do you don’t even consider it as work!? I like that. Mind you a break is good for our system, taking our time, time out and looking after ourselves is the go. And of course, spending time with those we love to be around.

A spiritual practice I mention a lot because we are spiritual beings doing this thing called ‘being human’. And is as important as eating good foods, drinking water & exercising daily. How does that look for you? For me it is doing daily meditation, journaling, yoga, walking, healthy eating and lots of water, creating my art, using vibrational medicines of the Australian Bush Flower Essences they are profound as are the light frequency essences and other collections that Ian White has made & therapeutic grade essential oils of Young Living (Member for 9 years now!!!), oracle consultation, it all keeps my life’s work and purpose on track. If there are cracks I get onto it and address what or if that which requires addressing and having regular supervision with peers. It all helps to change your emotional capacity to do better than just cope on a daily basis. And of course having a naturopath and homeopath will keep things in check.
So, showing up, working on our stuff daily, instead of spreading our shadow, that being the negative aspects, onto others. Remember if we spot we got it’s us in the mirror!
Sometimes life takes it’s time to unfold to the things we would like to bring in. As we plant the seeds, we let them go and trust and get on with life.
Taking the time to take stock of the amazing person that you are is your job.
Big Love, big Life
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