September Blog 2017

The hint of spring arrived a few weeks ago, in between big showers and being truly winter, as I would expect it to be, wet and cold, and I must say I do love that!!! Being bought up down in the South East of South Australia it does a good winter, the only thing missing is snow! So, it isn’t that cold, but it rains well and certainly can get bitterly cold!!! I love being warm in the cold and I miss a good open fire either inside or outside burning off wood that would be a hazard around the property if we didn’t get rid of it, there was only so much we could stock pile! And in the summer those piles encourage the tiger snakes and other animals that liked warm dark places to hang out in.


I loved to work outside in big weather all rugged up and either helping repair fences, checking on the sheep and cattle and all things that comes with living on the land. I Defiantly got warm working out in the weather and I loved the contrast of the cold rains on my face and winds to the beauty of spring and onto warm summer days. Autumn leaves always promised an array of colour from the leaves and nature showing its cycles of life and death.

But back where I started this blog, the freesias began to grow their long leaves well before springs arrival and now those divine scented flowers are blooming their glory. In fact, the first flower showed up around the 20th August. I certainly miss the other delights of my mother’s flower planting, she rolled with the seasons and spring was evident up the long driveway and around the garden as we drove to the back of the house to park our cars. She was a green thumb for sure.

There appears to be a lot to miss in life when I think about it sometimes, but I must say that gratitude shines through loud and clear for the opportunities that I was given.

I would love to go home to a warm fire and beautiful food and spend time being in my family, I do miss that. Moving on and in growing up and through the ups and downs there was a lot to get through to get here now! Mind you I’m a vegetarian now so there’s a lot I wouldn’t eat, but I know Mum would’ve loved the raw foods and coconut kefir, they would’ve been right up her alley.

It’s been worth all the choices made and I treasure what has been and happy to keep it at that and continue on the journey now.

So, what are you indeed grateful for? What can you recall from long ago in your childhood that brings you memories of gratitude? Sure, there’s issues in everyone’s past to some degree or another but let’s focus for now, on what the benefits are from even the fears of your family system? This isn’t about making anyone wrong it’s more about the focus of love and what you were shown and what you have given out to others in love and compassion. And if you have resentment, anger, sadness and the like it really is up to you to work on that, as what is beneath all that is you along-side of freedom.

I love to hear your feedback and let mw know your thoughts

A lot of gratiude & grace in your life