Saying goodbye to friends and family has felt like one of the main themes of my life.

But, it is for us all, to varying degrees throughout. That is life, full of change!

I left home at 16, and it was usually me leaving town, heading off into the wild blue yonder looking for myself, not that I knew that at the time! While I may have felt sad about going, I was always looking forward to my new adventure as I had become adept with adapting!

But over the past 18 or so years I’ve been pretty constant here in Adelaide.

I assess my choices from time to time but I must say that I am happy. It’s not about the stuff I have, it’s about my inner world health, friends and family.

A short time ago, I have experienced the other way around, in that a ‘friend leaves town’(and as it turns out a couple of others!). I was struck at my initial depth of sadness, I found it profound, in its strength, that it bought to the surface. I know that there is a lot more behind this that is coming up to be gone through, and that’s ok.


I am seriously grateful for having made the effort in working on myself over the past few decades to make choices that sustain my life rather than eat away at it. I say that because it helps me to work through the stages of grief, with the people and tools that I have, and pull through with absolute trust that right now is ok and that the future while I don’t know, quite what’s ahead, I am looking forward to what shows up.

So, it’s important to move through and then be in the ‘feel good now’, rather than stay stuck in any grief. I honour any tears and ‘parent myself’ as I walk through this knowing that life moves on and new doors open, of which I always have. I don’t doubt that at all.

Creating balance on all levels of our being spiritually, emotionally, physically & intellectually.

What are the lessons that we are learning in our lives right now? What has been created? What if anything can we do right now to assist in either making any necessary changes or can we choose to flow along with?

Love to hear your thoughts?