April Blog 2017

Another day in paradise and life appears to be rolling along as per usual, but is it? Well, the stunning weather of Autumn, in Adeliade is divine at least!

It’s a choice that we have, no matter what’s appearing, and I feel that first and foremost being grateful every morning for actually awakening. Wayne Dyer, when he was alive, would voice ‘Thank you” out loud to acknowledge a new day every day, this is a gift to us for the acknowledgment, it sets us up for the day.

Notice how your thinking is and whether it’s life giving or life taking! What steps would you put in place to set your day up, the tools you would utilize to help you on your ‘feel good’ way?

My day starts with meditation very early in the morning, and after well over a decade of this particular meditation, it’s easy and I can honestly tell you it has been worth every effort. It’s letting go of the ‘OMG I am so tired and got up sooooo early blah, blah, blah…’ and just roll with it. As when you think about it, mediating isn’t running around like a loose cannon, all I am doing is sitting comfortably, I’m cozy and chilling right out, it’s bliss!

You can always go to bed earlier and the reason we meditate is akin to eating well, exercising and it’s honing in on yourself, your path in life and you getting to trust and know you. The issue with time is only an illusion, a human construct!

And comforting yourself when you find it a little tough going with excess thinking or toxic thinking, go back to the breath and slowly breath in and out, imagining it going all the way through your body and back out again. There are many ways to meditate and spanning over 40 years of meditating I’ve found a way that suits me. What is your favorite way of meditating?

I then go on to write something about nothing, or at times about something but not looking for an outcome, I am merely putting down my thoughts to process and get any rambling around out and onto paper, that takes it to another level, to be either let go of entirely or to unscramble and trust and know a resolution will arrive at some stage.

I have been doing this from a 3 month quest I took myself on 18 years ago, where every day first thing in the morning you had to write 3 pages of whatever that’s going on inside. And it makes a huge difference. I’m letting go and trusting that answers will arrive, and these days I don’t even think about answers, as I know they will arrive.

If I’m carrying fear I comfort that inner child of mine. I’m always curious of my inner and outer world.

I find with all the on-going healing process’s and work is worth the effort, you build it into your everyday rather than wait for the time you have no choice but to implement changes. Use tools to help guide you on your path, and if you don’t know then ask someone to help guide you to find your own answers. It’s a way of life and one I am truly grateful for.

Then it’s into my yoga and that’s a big journey of which I am truly grateful also. That began just by listening to a tape with directions by Monika Wick a local teacher, (as her classes were booked out) and calming music while noting the stick figures of yoga postures, on a pull out included with the tape and went from there on the floor in my lounge room! No yoga mat as I didn’t even know that’s what you did it on, very basic level! Within a very short time of doing it I noticed emotionally how good I felt and that surprised me a lot. I did that alone for a couple of years and went into a group doing hatha yoga. I found for me though, as of going through the mid-life changes that I wanted a more dynamic practice. My life had gone from working physically to a seated job, so then I came across the yoga that was meant for me.

I went onto practice for 9 years in this group 5 & 6 days a week and the past 7 years alone with the same regime, something I didn’t think I would ever do was practice alone but I love it, however it does require discipline. Over the last couple of months, a friend has joined me a couple of days a week. And that has been encouraging and great to share this amazing Ashtanga yoga. And I am lucky to still practice from time to time with my yoga teacher, he’s the best. You do require a trained and certified practitioner for this particular yoga.

I found my practice changed a lot when I journeyed to Brazil over the past 2 years, as with that healing came rest and no excessive work outs for up to 2 weeks at a time. The layers of life unfolding that I’ve learnt to flow with, I’ve built my daily practice back up as per usual but if I miss a day on the odd occasion then goodo, it is what it is. I’m not training for the Olympics!!!

Then its breakfast time and begin my day of doing the work that I love.

A walk later in the day for an hour if I can or jump on the rebound which is great for the lymphatics. Read a book, call a friend or watch a great movie maybe, write and do my art work.

What’s your lifestyle and how is it in the life-giving stakes? Or is it more in the life taking realms in that a lot of what you do is stress filled and not supportive at all? You are the navigator in your life, it’s your choice to look after you in the best way possible.

I will be publishing my book over there next wee while where there are suggestions that help with this thing called living our life.

Lots of big love to you.

If you have any questions or feedback please send it to me.