March Blog 2017
Trusting in life!
There have been many times when I felt totally lost and didn’t know where to turn even in amongst the times when I thought I had it all together! I could see that others lives seemingly had unfolded for them into the next stage, and somehow out of the difficulties or directionlessness (Ok I just made up a word!!!) that was in their life.
So how did I let go and trust and how and where was I to head off to next in my life, if indeed I was to head off somewhere at all?
Well the first clue is, if you don’t know now then that is not a liability, it’s actually an asset. ‘I know’ is the past and ‘I don’t know’ is on its way!
The thing is to get excited, when life appears like this in whatever format that it does in the “I don’t Know”, so that you have the opportunity to go within as well as begin to get curious about what you would like to do next. And weather through making calls (not out of neediness), researching on the internet (without being distracted until the job’s done!), or jotting down points of what you love will be a step in opening the new life-scape for you!
This is a getting to know yourself exercise in the big picture and trusting that with the clues subtlety given are keys to synchronous moments because you took some sort of action. Great! See what you’ve manifested. And that can happen pretty quickly!!!
Looking at others lives we actually don’t know the full story nor do we know if it has indeed fallen into place as we may perceive it to be. And there’s another clue, for judgment and others lives appearing to be all sorted is merely an observation that we ourselves have projected onto them, which is actually an avoidance to the job at hand, that being our own life!
However, we all wish each other to have blessed and fulfilled lives and we can do with staying out of any fantasy states that aren’t of any benefit. As in ideal projections of others lives that we compare ours with theirs and therefor ours is deemed less than or in some cases better than, we are a fickle bunch!!!

Pastel on Paper, 70x50cm - Unframed

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Life for me has been quite abstract and even if there is some order at in higher place, where I’ve been it certainly looked like scrambledness (another made up word) to me, that go through stages of order and disorder.
We can make life complicated with all of the gobbledygook words and info we have learned along the way, which all have their worthiness for sure, or we can learn to let go of any drama, stop comparing ourselves to others, learning to listen to our self through doing regular meditation and yoga or other forms of reaching into the spiritual realms of why you are here, defiantly opens the doorway to trusting, patience and learning to be you as only you can do!

If you have any questions or any feed-back I would love to hear from you.
And remember if you feel that you would like either to talk about and unravel any upheaval I can certainly hold space for you to voice what’s happening. And through offering several healing modalities that further add to helping bring about peace, the next step, calmness, love, releasing anger, feeling safe and whatever else there might be in life directionness! (yet another made up word!)

Lots of Love and gentleness