February Blog 2017

It’s been fantastic being in the warmer weather again, (although, I do Love the cold!!!), and for us in Australia wearing less clothes, walk & swim in the sea and get that vitamin D on our skin. I’ve listened to a lot of talks about vitamin D and the best way to get it is with the sun on our skin. We could take it for granted here in Australia, as it’s in the land of sun and space among so other things!.

I had the opportunity to head off to Robe recently where I spent a lot of my summer holidays as a child with my family and sometimes we could bring a good friend. Usually spending our time there around my birthday, in late January. I certainly felt very blessed with that, being in such a stunning seaside location.

I have done a lot of personal ‘healing work’ around myself, family of origin and birth over many years, as a means of making better choices than I had made growing up and feeling like I was worthy. For life was appearing disastrous and the world looked and felt bleak even though I was living in a beautiful home and land all around me equating to freedom, but they were all external.

Being adopted I found my birthdays were uncomfortable, and I felt like I didn’t belong. I wasn’t entirely sure, way back then as a child, why, but abandonment felt painful and my self worth nonexistent. And it’s only through learning about it that I realised why I felt the way that I did.

I am so glad that I relished the fantastic times and striving towards and being curious of wanting to make life grand. As I had actually experienced it drove me to seek more of it!

And that took me on a healing journey. I cannot recommend it enough, then you can be you, be honest with yourself and others while living the life you prefer. I get that’s a big part of why we are here, to evolve and to be able to sort our stuff out and then we can easily be there for and help others. Moving on from the old fears and past conditioning, it’s a big journey, the Hero’s Journey!

Pastel on Paper, 70x50cm - Unframed

Pastel on Paper, 70x50cm – Unframed For Sale as Print or Framed or Un-Framed. Just Ask me.

For a lot of years when I moved back to South Australia around 20 years ago I completely avoided going down the South East, as I found it too painful to deal with so it was better to avoid altogether. Now I can go there, and acknowledge feelings of sadness if any come up and look back at the great times I had with fondness rather than loss. And I now feel proud of a vast and fascinating history and a part of the South East even though I don’t live there full-time now.

I choose not to visit the property where I grew up outside of Mt Gambier, as I would rather remember it as it was. I would rather not see someone else’s interpretation of how they choose to have the land and how it has been split up. I have no issue with what others wish to do there, but I would rather not see it so that the memories I have of as a child remain intact. I feel so fortunate to have been bought up on the land before my parents passed, Mum not far from 4 decades ago and Dad well over 2 decades ago!

Having said this though, last week on FB on my birthday a friend had driven out around where I was bought up and taken a photo of the driveway that captured a little of the surrounding aspects, and it had changed dramatically. I am certainly being challenged to check it out again, at this stage I’m not fully sure why, more healing with some sort of attachment requiring release! It did bring some tears up but I was aware and gentle of what was passing through. I don’t drop into days of sadness anymore about it.

There’s an opportunity coming up soon with a dear friend that I grew up with, where she lived just down the road, to head out there. As she mentioned she also hasn’t been back there and spoke of us both travelling out there together. So some tissues might be required, as we share the opportunity of tears, laughs and a lot of stories of the amazing place that I feel very fortunate to have been bought up. So we shall see!

What’s your journey growing up, is it adding to your life or are there aspects you feel are dogging you down? We all have emotions that can be stepped up to and sorted out, if we put in we then heal and live a grand life. We have tools to assist us on the way, so it’s up to us to learn about them and help ourselves.

If you feel you require some guidance, therapy and a person to assist and listen to you then the work that I offer in all its variety would be of great benefit in your life. It sure has helped me.

Love & greatness with mountains of bliss for you