January Blog 2017

Happy New Year, to us all and what a great opportunity it is to focus on what’s working in our lives and any additions we would like to add into the mix for this new year.

You might well be content with where you currently are in your life, and that is fantastic. And you may even possibly have other plans to engage over the next few months and when they arrive you will step onto them, great!

Or you might find that other situations develop and that those steps you wanted to add you wish to change or drop out altogether. It is trusting that you will know the answer at exactly the right time.

It’s a great time for making a vision board. I have been doing these for decades now in various formats. They are a great way to set intentions and give you clarity or goals to work toward. The boards work in various ways and also with unexpected results that I have often found profound. Its not about magical thinking it’s about seeing your ideas, then getting into the feelings of what it would be like to have these things or situations in your life and then let go and trust that something will arrive at some stage, sometimes quite quickly other times it takes awhile. Let go of attachment to outcome.

Pastel on Paper, 70x50cm - SOLD

Pastel on Paper, 70x50cm – Original SOLD but can be purchased as a Print on the beautiful Giclee paper

I quite simply gather a few magazines that I feel attracted to along with any extra bits like airplane tickets or concert or play tickets or the like that would represent travel or a particular gig or talk I would like to attend.

I then make a cup of tea, grab the scissors and glue stick and then begin to get clear about what it is I would like to bring in or if I don’t know I just run with what I feel attracted to in my magazines, or posters or flyers I have collected. The story unfolds itself.

I cut out all I feel drawn to, words and pictures and then when I feel I have enough I begin to glue the pictures to a piece of Masonite board that I get from Bunnings approx. 80 x 60cm. The size is up to you and some do make poster format but I prefer the board as its movable, as in you don’t have to keep pilling it down or putting it up on the wall.

I have been doing them on Masonite for years now, as then I can easily move them around where I live. So that if I don’t want anyone to see my board and have them put their opinion onto it then I can easily put it away until they go. It’s your board, your plans and ideas. Hearing someone’s judgment might throw you off course, its not about being secretive but for seeds to grow you don’t keep digging the soil up to see if its sprouting as yet!

You could get into the feng shui aspect of how you would place them on your board and you would need to do some research on that. Or you place the pieces wherever you feel it is the right spot. I feel personally the less complicated that you make it the better.

The words and pictures are placed all over the board where you feel best and they can be not touching or they can fill the entire board completely and overlapping in a more abstract manner, again that is entirely up to you. They change, as I change, life is change.

Some boards I have done specifically around my work only or my home life only or relationships only. Now I do it all on one board, I don’t see anything as separate these days, but that can be different for you. Although having said that, this years has gone onto 2 boards as I had quite a lot to express, but they blended well together. Then once I feel I have completed it I sit back and then go around the board describing out loud (no-one is around) the pictures and words that represent what I want to manifest or continue on with over the next period of time, it could represent the entire year!

I might add in an affirmation or meditate and then acknowledge what I am inviting in and then let it be. You can do them more often if you wish; it is up to you to tap into your inner wisdom as to how you want to do one.

I do my yoga in front of them each morning along with a picture of Ganesh and a wooden statue of Ganesh, the remover of obstacles.

2017 will be a very good year with no doubt plenty of mixed opportunities and other unplanned happenings. It’s how we travel with sudden change and our ability to put into place what we need to help us along the way. It is always a good idea to have tools in your bag, so to speak that can calm things down or brighten up any situation.

I use the Australian Bush Flower Essences & the Young Living Essential Oils as my first port of call. They are immediate in the effect to shift one through a time that might be a bit dodgy and I also use some other forms of therapy if I need to.

I am also here for you if you feel you need any questions answered or maybe you would like to come and set some intentions by doing some personal journey work that shifts you into a space where life is more conducive for you….let go of anxiety and fear. Acknowledge what isn’t working for you and assess what steps to take in order to make the changes. We all require a coach in our lives to assist you on your path, to what extent is exactly up to you.

Breath, deeply and slowly, be grateful, go walking daily and generate lots of love for yourself and others.

Lots of big fun & greatness for 2017 Angela .