December Blog 2016

This time of year can bring up all sorts of emotions good, bad and indifferent. This is defiantly a time to be very gentle on you and mindful, also, of how others are feeling. It is a conscious choice to be joyful and share your enthusiasm and give to others, even a smile goes a long way.

I catch up with family before or after Christmas, as we are scattered far and wide these days. Some may find it little tough to understand and some may even take offence to the choices made by others of how their Christmas is spent. It’s a give and take situation and sending the cheer out is what’s important despite our differences.

Life is change and that is ok. It’s about putting boundaries in where we feel the need to and still touch base without making the differences a huge issue. It’s not about getting into the right and wrong it’s about being you, accepting yourself and what you love to do.

Send love out to everyone around this world of ours, as we jump into the final aspects of 2016. It’s been a very big year indeed. Its time to celebrate all that you have learned and moved on from, how you have been there for others and how others have been there for you, and being grateful. It’s the end of another decade in numerology, 2016 adds up to a 9 and is about the end of a cycle and as we move into 2017 which is a 1 and all about the new.

If you have any questions please ask me. Or feel you could do with counselling & Therapy whereby shifting through issues makes life simpler to live feel and be in!

Christmas Gifts

I would like to offer you the opportunity to view what I have to offer as gift ideas for Christmas.

These are truly beautiful for your loved ones.


-Gift vouchers

-Exquisite Clearing Mist

-Mandala Blank Cards all drawn by Angela Kirby

-Meditation CD

-Mandala Prints & Originals drawn by Angela Kirby

These can be picked up from my clinic in Brompton or posted to you as an extra charge.

Gift vouchers – For either the Raindrop Technique, Crystal Light Bed Healing or Life Coaching, which are gentle and transformative, assisting on all levels emotionally, physically and spiritually. There is more information on my web site frizzkirby.com about my practices. They are each $120 and the treatments go for 1.5 hours.

Exquisite Clearing Mist-The Clearing Mist is a delight for uplifting how you are feeling or a couple of sprays of the mist in a room at home or work desk. You only need use this sparingly as each bottle is filled with therapeutic grade essential oils and pure flower essences. Protective, cleansing, uplifting with the earth’s flowers and trees and shrubs, and spring water, it is the best. And is $30 for 60ml of nature’s protective blessing.

Mandala Blank Cards – Each of the symbols of the 7 mandalas available in a gift card and is pertinent to whatever healing or transformation is going on for the person who has been gifted the card. These can be placed on the mantle place, your work place or wherever you can view your chosen card/s. I would also suggest a beautiful symbol to look at and then meditate. These come from a series of 52 Mandalas that I began in 2009. They are $6 each or for a pack of 7 $38.

-Meditations x 2- I have Two meditations on this CD take you on a journey that’s calming and relaxing, $5 each. These I originally asked to make them for fellow practitioners clients. And the journey began there. Gentle to listen to and the mediations are about 29 minutes each.

-Mandala prints – You will need to discuss with me which format you would like. And these are on my web site to view.

The Mandala in Life

100 GSM approximately 50 x 70cm poster is $150 each.

There are also several available as the original drawing, several that are available that are unframed at $700 and a few are already framed for you at $920.

Please call me about this and we go from there.

Thank you.

Lots of Happiness to you for your

Christmas to you and your family Angela