November Blog 2016
It’s fantastic to be sitting here with the doors wide open, hearing a variety of birds share their music, with a hint of a slight breeze in the air as the chimes are gently tinkling. It is such a beautiful day here in Adelaide that I can appreciate so much more after the huge weather that we’ve been having over the past few weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love big stormy weather, with the rains replenishing the lands and us, but the contrast I can appreciate much more at this point.
I’ve had felt drawn back to making more green smoothies, daily rather than every other day, they sit well in my stomach and I enjoy rotating from the yummy warm oats or raw buckwheat muesli for breakfast (I buy that from Shop 73 Central Markets the House of Health, my favorite). I always add in loads of super foods with any of the above that I consume. I don’t use milk or any other type of milk for that matter, I use water as it does the job and along with what I have in the bowl, or the smoothie as it already has heaps of flavors. It’s great to have a variety, and I’ve been eating a lot raw foods again, as they sit very well in my gut.
Hence why I have also gone back to Remedy Bliss’s teaching of healthy eating again, she knows her stuff. And I can now make my own buckwheat muesli that would last 3 months thanks to her recipe along with many other amazing body replenishing recipes!!! I have been making my own coconut kefir and coconut yoghurt for a few months now which works wonderfully for my gut and tastes fantastic. I love the process and it doesn’t take me long to knock up a batch that lasts a couple of weeks.
I have found listening to what my body wants, (not ‘emotional eating wants’ that is!!!), makes a big difference in how my gut process’s what I ingest. And I feel great. I was mainly raw for several years but over the past year or so I have included warm food, just because, I ‘felt’ like it. It’s been interesting noting the difference; it’s worth working out what suits you. What’s your body telling you?
I recommend Remedies Classes…like her on FB – Remedy Bliss – Raw & Fermented Foods Instructor on Facebook. Her classes fill quickly, she was taught by a real master, Gabriel Cousens.

Pastel on Paper, 70x50cm

Pastel on Paper, 70x50cm © A Kirby 2015

I was a part of the Australian Counselling Association 4 day Mental Health Super Summit 2016 a bringing together of 20 Speakers from Australia and internationally a couple of weeks ago. And the proceeds all went to the Australian Charity for kids. Most of them are Professors and PhD Doctors, in the psychotherapeutic arena, and had plenty to share from what their practice consisted of and which areas they specialized in etc. Each talk went for about an hour that I could listen to via live webinar.
It was fascinating, and while some speakers I wasn’t drawn to their line of work, I certainly respected their tenacity and intelligence with what they offer, and I resonated well with those who were more in alignment with the work that I do.
It was interesting to note that almost all of them spoke of additionally helping their clients by integrating regular exercise; daily meditation and good foods. That came through strongly as the panacea of optimum health and wellbeing. It was good to hear, as in the past pharmaceuticals were more what were talked about, and exercise and good foods rarely ever spoken about let alone mediation. So it was fantastic to hear the more mainstream in the field of mental health, exploring and getting into the now scientifically proven and long-term benefits, of going back to basics and switching off the processed foods, and engaging in a healthy lifestyle to maintain stability of emotions. It was refreshing and encouraging, as I have always related well to the fresh foods, yoga and exercise of which would’ve been considered being a hippy and tree hugger, (I highly recommend ☺ btw). Along with pure natural vibrational medicines that are healthy on our body mind and soul, that’s what makes sense to me.
More in The world are awakening.
We are heading towards the alternative being mainstream and mainstream being the alternative… As mooted by Deepak Chopra
If you require help because you feel anxious, deeply sad or feel directionless or like you require a top up in life emotionally then I recommend the several aspects of what I have to offer as a Therapist. I am happy to have a chat with you about that, it’s like servicing a car; we all require maintenance from time to time. There is nothing wrong with that, as we evolve we change and as a therapist I assist in facilitating the growth that’s going on within you.
Great wellness and many quiet moments of bliss to you