img_3210BLOG October 2016

Dear the loving & gentleness within & all around you!!!

Spring has entered here in the Southern Hemisphere over the last month, where as on the other side of the world ‘fall’ is taking place, getting ready for hibernation and the cool. And we are also in a number 9 year which is about completion, going within to clear and release, so we start the next 10 year cycle afresh.

How is your conversation with others about your every day lives, how does that make you feel? Are you ‘sick and tired’ of the frequency/vibration, or feeling that resides within you as you speak in such a fashion? Do you feel compelled to speak as others do so you are in the ‘In Group’, or are you in a trance listening but not taking notice and mindlessly agreeing anyway? Or maybe you are afraid to speak your truth?

It happens to us all, but do you think that this is adding to the ‘feel good’ and inviting in the manifestations that we seek, or, at the very least enjoying where we are currently? Which is the only place that there is, right now is right now, the future is the future and the past has gone, done and dusted. And what we are experiencing right now is the result of what we have sent out into the universe via our feelings from the past, and that is also inclusive of the collective.

What is it that you love to do what is it that are seeking, are you content with your life ‘right now’? Have you gratitude for what you have in your life right now, as this is what you have manifested from your past. So if you are not content and are feeling stuck in the frequency that feels bland, mundane, dam uncomfortable and or comparing yourself to others and wishing you were them, then what are you willing to do to change this? Unfolding who you really are and being happy no matter what you have or haven’t right now is a choice!!

First recognizing that maybe now is where you need to be to ‘get’ that you need to make changes. Know that through listening to your inner world that the answers are already within you and that it might take that daily meditation or walking, or getting clear about what it is you would like in your life or the next step to take. If you are wanting answers know that it’s a process and over time long or short they arrive and often in ways you wouldn’t have conceived. Be open, shift out of drama and be ok with silence as you learn to be with yourself allowing the synchronicities of life to unfold. The subtlety of answers are for you to decide your next step, if it feels exciting, feels good that could well be a YES, feeling awful & unsure is quite obvious in being not likely or outright a NO, learn the difference. It’s our job in Self-responsibility; this is the university of life, and that is a freedom not a fear unless we allow it.

Be you, Love you & loads of blessings

Love Angela

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