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Blog September 2016

Feelings, what are you feeling, where are you feeling your feelings? Be curious of your feelings. Feeling upbeat and content accompanies a sense of trusting my path no matter what is showing up, I feel creative, adventurous, alive & able to support myself first and foremost and then able to be there and support others.

I know that getting ‘stuck in’ feeling sorry for myself can make situations seem worse than what they may be and that thinking gets very intense. While we have thousands of thoughts daily getting stuck in a rut of toxic thinking isn’t going to add to the ‘feel good’ bank! Turn the switch off, it is a choice to keep running the toxic thinking or not.

Some days all the drop boxes come down with all the valid reasons of why life is miserable, not your fault, unbearable, unfair, holding onto grief, I’ve been left on the shelf etc.

And finding someone to validate all of that will only of course make the situation more powerful in feeling miserable.

Be the savior in your life and know that we all go through difficulties and that we have a choice to ask for help in whatever capacity is required to resolve the situation.

Sometimes asking people for their opinion can often make the situation more complicated and sitting down and taking some time to assess what’s happening makes all the difference, or whatever way that’s available to you. Insights from writing down ideas and or researching for information to help you, making some calls to get the ball rolling, or until the right door opens is putting things into place. Writing might seem like a chore but if it helps you shift along do it, you don’t have to write an essay, you set the scene. Ie: what do I want, need and desire, and what steps do I take, jotting them down takes things to another level. And you then have a reference point to refer to, to look back on.

Meditating defiantly helps situations become very clear in moments of stillness.

Remember there is still that inner child within us all whose needs still require nurturing and being met. And making adult choices from that aspect of you because you haven’t spent quality time meeting those needs, that aspect of you begins to play up. So a choice made, can well be, a knee jerk reaction having consequences that could be the long way around the mountain so to speak. And that may well be ok as it turns out down the track! But getting clear by shifting through any dramatics can help with choices and outcomes occurring sooner rather than later.

This world is full of expectations and when we aren’t clear of who we are within ourselves its easy to get lost.

When I stop and breath, go for a walk, do some stretching or a quiet moment in contemplation I then know there’s no rush to find the answer, the doors will open and like a jigsaw the pieces all fit together in the time they were meant to. In hindsight you’ll realise that indeed you are being looked after and things have indeed fallen into place.

What appears to be disaster becomes your biggest jewel, which during the ride in the storm may have felt awful or downright scary. But if you were to take yourself by the hand and said “I am safe and I am going to trust this path” and let things unfold.

Ask for help, we all need it and don’t forget to be the help you want. We don’t know all the answers, that’s why we are here on this earth to learn, this is the university of life, be open to continued learning and sharing.

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I am really looking forward to offering my New Monthly Workshops beginning 20th September

Book Now to reserve your place

As the 20th September I will be holding a monthly on going creative workshops. These will offer you meditation and exploring thoughts, feelings, life, patterns and general well-being.

The sessions will be between 9.30am & 12pm

Cost to you if you bring your own cartridge paper that can be bought like a pad size approx. 50 x 70 cm maybe a bit smaller. And chalk pastels -$20 per class.

And if you want me to supply that for you the session will be $25.

There will be two guided meditations each followed by the opportunity to express your feelings using chalk pastels. There will be a break for a cup of tea in between.

No experience is required at all.

RSVP to book your place, as limited spaces available.

For those in Adelaide Its that time of the year again The Royal Adelaide Show is here

A reminder that I will be at the Royal Adelaide show giving readings in the Ridley Center for the entirety of the Show. See you there.


Are you feeling stressed, tired & that you would like more life direction & to feel fabulous? I am offering Intuitive Counselling combo with the Crystal Light Bed Healing Bed. This instills a beautiful integration of the intuitive counselling and aligns your chakras and healing at profound levels of your Body Mind.

I offer these at my Private Practice during the week and on Saturdays, here in Brompton. I do have after hours of an evening if suited at either 5.30 or 6pm. Each session is 1.5 hours and the cost to you is $120.

Happiness & Bliss
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