August Blog 2016
What is it that you do for yourself daily that is life giving, loving, cleansing and encouraging? What is it that you give to your family, your neighbors and community that is loving, kind, thoughtful and with generosity, without expecting anything back?

What has been gifted to you, that was, unexpected and even a real shock for the gratitude that you felt as it happened? That’s a part of your gift to others that you in turn receive, even more than you expect, even faster than you thought.

How does going on about the tragedies and hurting others through the extremeness that life has been showing us around this world feel? It can’t feel good that’s for sure, and we are actually adding to the issues, we cant ignore them but the more we give and help another, rather than fight for peace which makes no sense, is gifting to our world. How can we calm another, how can we not get caught up in the maelstrom that invites more confusion in these extreme, developing & changing times? Stop for a moment, and ask yourself how can I be of service?

When we listen and show love for another even when we may not understand, we are gifting generosity and opportunity of acceptance no matter what.
We can stand on the sidelines in judgment and horror or you could dive in and do something for another and helping them if that’s an option. Imagine yourself in another’s life and ask yourself is there something I can contribute to their life?

Mandala 31.Shane Blumson
If we come from anger and speaking of another in a negative light, of which we are all guilty of, then we need to look in the mirror of what has been bought up.
If you need to move on from another, as the situation is toxic then just do it, let it go. Let them get on with their lessons, as with yourself, sending them love so that awakening ensues for you both, sooner than later, so you both travel a great path. That’s all that’s required, in recognizing that it’s time to move on. And note there maybe some grief with that, acknowledge and let it go.
If you don’t feel comfortable, admit it, ask yourself, what can I do about it, and if you need help ask for it. Or as we say ‘Google it’, as a step in a direction in helping you unfold the next aspects of your life path. The answer/s always arrive; learn to let the struggle and the fear go by being curious of what you can do rather than sit in resentment and resistance. Looking after yourself is a job but one that’s a gift not a burden.

The tools in life like meditation, yoga, walking, going to the gym, swimming and eating well make you feel good, help make the tough situations a little easier and invites outcomes that are more conducive to your situation.

It does get tough inside our skins that’s for sure, so what are we going to do about it? Growth can be scary and being responsible for yourself is an on going long term investment, so keep learning about how you can do you in the best possibly way?

I invite you to look at the mandalas that I have created and the VIDA Company have made into clothing for me

Art mandalas in clothing By A Kirby

Any questions please ask me and please pass this onto others.
Lots of peace, and love, and living life smiling every day regardless