-Blog Part 2
-Raindrop Technique
-Crystal Light Healing Bed
-Workshop 1 space left stating next week

-July Blog Part 2 – Being aware of what we are placing in our mouth and being present as we are ingesting is important for digestion and being able to savour the fair that you have made for yourself or has been made for you by a friend and family member. Good food, exercise, laughter, fun and loving people around us a recipe for a bountiful health and abundance in our lives, life giving rather than life taking.
Be curious of what you are eating, and for that matter what else you are placing in and on your body and if you notice any fluctuations emotionally. After eating sugary foods, unhealthy foods that aren’t actually food at all its not unusual to feel exhausted and with a bloated stomach. As well as perfumes, moisturisers, deodorants and what we wash our clothes and bedding in, many of us are aware of the toxicity of so many products these days but are we actually willing to give them up?

Mercury fillings, root canals and fluoride are a big topic that affect us very much toxically, and that’s all I’ll say there. These things accumulate in our bodies and are detrimental to us on all levels. Its up to us to research and learn about what is healthful and what is not and that can be causing disease in our body. Being responsible for ourselves is an honor and a gift not something you make someone else’s problem.

Lets enjoy our fair and organic foods and if you’re in Adelaide, the Central Market is fantastic along with other farmers markets and the like. I love House of Health, shop 73, for their natural products and the organic vegetables available in other shops that I frequent, but most importantly is that they are gentle, helpful and fantastic to be around.

I have an abundance of parsley growing at the moment that is great in my green smoothies and other savory dishes. But it is time to plant some more bounty in the soils for the ensuing months to come…….Happy eating and big love to you all Angela ….. any questions or feedback please ask me and pass this on to your friends if you feel this would interest them or spark a conversation to share thoughts….spread the love in our community, we live in a different age now.


Raindrop Technique – For those of you who feel like a boost of your body and feelings, in this beautiful fresh cool weather that we are having, I highly recommend this treatment. The oils working through your body via your feet firstly and then oils dripped and spread onto your back supports you on all levels. The oils I use for this are powerful in what they offer, especially in the winter months.

Crystal Light Bed Healing – I bought this beautiful healing system back from Brazil from the Case de Dom Inacio, last year and I love offering this to my clients as a part of the many treatments that I offer. It balances our chakras with the same healing frequency of the world renowned Spirit Medium John Of God. A great sense of peace within along with support of healing on all levels of our body mind and soul.

-Workshop – Hurry 1 space available for my workshop that begins next week. I’m very excited to announce my next Creative & Therapeutic Workshop.
The dates are Tuesday the 12th July, 19th July 26th July and the 2nd of August. The workshop runs for 4 weeks, 2.5 hrs once a week.
6pm – 8.30pm
Tapping into several areas where you have the opportunity in discovering, accessing & understanding the ‘who you are’ in this life via this creative journey that I am offering. No experience required, and no matter where we consider we are. This works on our subconscious programming, assisting automatically with any on going changes in our lives.
What others have said about this workshop:
The opportunity to express my feelings non verbally….
My mind was opened up & I could connect with people in the class….
To be in an environment that was open & supportive….
Angela’s tuition, personality & overall approach to this course worked well for me….
I loved the meditations plus the chance to unwind & express….
I felt safe & able to express myself….
I felt like I was in a sacred place….

Stay safe stay warm and much peace and grace to you

Please pass this information onto your friends and family, you never know who this work may assist 🙂