-Clairvoyant Medium Readings & Crystal Light Bed Healing
Part 1

‘Winter is coming’, a line from the Famed Game of Thrones program.

The weather of rains has been gifting the lands and us a cleansing. The obvious signs of the life cycle as many of natures triumphant vibrancy now passes on, completes its cycle and dies, the skeleton of the trees, the branches are what hold steady ‘til the spring. All is bare, and all can be seen! A sense of hibernation, with still the stance of grandeur as the strength of the trunk holds steady.

A metaphor for us, as we are now drawn, to the offerings that the cooler weather bring us in what we eat. You know the deal, as we may feel drawn to making soups and foods that warm our body and gives us strength. I still love the Raw foods despite the cooler weather, I like the mixture.

oil on canvas, 77 x 45 cm

I wonder how many would even notice much change in the season other than donning warmer clothes, as there’s so much offering in fast foods etc that tempt us rather than us grow and make our own meals. That the weather can be seen as an imposition rather than the great gift that it is. That making a meal can also be seen as an imposition, that its easier for someone else to make it than put the love into our meals, share them and enjoy one another’s company. It’s a conversation that’s interesting.

We live in a vastly different world to when I grew up and that’s perfectly fine. As we evolve something’s we hang onto and other things we let go of.

I grew up in a household on the land where meat and dairy was the main daily fair. But that gave me all sorts of stomach issues that I thought was just a part of it all. We were eating beautiful fresh fruits and veggies but the meats, cheese and milks did not sit well for me. I left home at 16 and it was natural for me to go on and be a vegetarian. It isn’t for us all that’s for sure, but getting to know our body and what some can eat and sits well, with others cant at all. What’s your body telling you?

The journey of eating healthfully and knowing that when you are eating is because you are hungry is all a part of tuning in and doing what suits your body rhythms. Sounds simple enough, but are any of you finding you are eating out of emotional neediness rather than hunger needs? Or feel confused with all the messages we are given re what we eat? I know for me food has been a source of emotional security and one I learnt from a very young age. Being perfect doesn’t work but listening and eating in a way that nourishes is so yummy.

‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’ –Hippocrates

Stay warm and healthy
Grace & fun Angela