Well on our way, now, into this year and I am trusting that all is unfolding well for us all no matter what the circumstances. Just make sure if there are issues going on that you aren’t isolating yourself. Just ask for help…..ok! We all go through stuff, big and small, we aren’t perfect, thank goodness, keeping up appearances is usually about being in denial, and quite often it’s obvious something is going down. Its important to have alone time to be with yourself, but ask yourself are you alone a lot and if you don’t feel good then some assistance is all that’s required to help your body mind realign once again.
There are so many ways of healing to help us in our lives and choosing the one for you is of course all about you. It’s worth doing the research on what you what is on offer and if it does indeed relate to you.
My journey in regards to healing has taken me on a very interesting path and one that’s ended up being where I can in turn offer others help in their lives. And I am very grateful for that.
I wasn’t interested in the main stream healing and I was very certain of that from a young child, while it certainly has assisted me enormously from time to time in car and motor bike accidents etc., of which I am very grateful for I might add!,
I felt something was missing. (each to their own here realising that what I have said may trigger some of you)
I was interested in alternative from the get go, it just felt right. Not all modalities have suited but I certainly have a gone down a road where I can see more of what’s going on overall and ask for help where it covers all levels of my being. Spiritually, physically, emotionally all go together rather than separate.
So what I do at home to continue my healthy lifestyle is very important also. Taking responsibility for ourselves along side of the help we get is paramount to our wellbeing, being the ‘leader of your life’. You get to know you, trust and love you.
I’m not perfect and at times I rein things in with any emotional over arching behaviors. Being gentle and considerate and not berating myself as I journey through unchartered territories. And what’s below the surface makes its way through for resolution!!! Well Hopefully, and when required, I do ask for assistance.
Meditation daily, walking most days, defiantly my yoga practice and that’s been a huge journey as it works at such a deep level, as does the meditation. Good friends, who I consider are like my family, even if they don’t (lol) are very important, that way I feel like I belong. Life only being about work isn’t healthful at all. We need fun, love, plenty of fresh air, good food and learning about this wonderful world of ours.
And those into the negatives and bleakness of life are better to move on from, as then you will feel emotionally bereft.
I love these two treatments below and I use them with my clients either on their own as a modality or works beautifully as an addition to Transpersonal Art Therapy & Counselling work that I do or Thought Field Therapy & the like. They all compliment the other. And some of my clients do this as a treatment alone and at other times I include it along side of the Art Therapy & Counselling. It all goes hand in hand and a true gift. Once the Raindrop Techniques is established after the first treatment I then have extra time to include the Crystal Light Bed in their next treatment. Any questions please ask me, I would love to hear your feedback.
Love and Grace Angela