November Blog 2015

It certainly is an amazing journey, this thing we call life and at times can be extremely intense for a so many reasons. It’s a tough gig sometimes, to let the stories in our heads drift off into the distance, so that we can live our lives authentically, so that we can get on with what we are here to do.

And knowing what we are here to do can take what seems to be a long time to fully embrace. We must remember that is a good thing not a bad thing, it will and always does arrive when it does! But we are here to ‘fully embrace’ right now, rather than some far off path that pushes ourselves into overdrive to achieve or at the worst become anxiety ridden! Our life path is evolutionary in nature; it will change and we will continue to grow as we move along.

There are several building blocks that we are here to create and as we are individuals it certainly can become daunting over time if we don’t know what to do. At some stages in our journey we may feel home and hosed with where we are at and other times like we are flailing around in the wind with on going challenges.

I’m here to let you know that you don’t do this alone, even though you may spend great periods of time alone, or with people we feel we cant get away from. Feeling like we can’t relate to anyone can become the norm’! It may take us awhile to connect with others who are our guides along the way. They appear when we are ready, and some we may know and travel with for our entire life and others we move on from after a short period of time.


Pastel on Paper, 70x50cm

Pastel on Paper, 70x50cm

Learning the many skills of life, like reading and writing, even if we might say “but I’m not a writer” are some of the tools for us to learn about how to help navigate through life relatively safely.
But there are other tools like good water, meditation, and yoga, clean and fresh foods that nourish us on all levels even if we battle with them, that serve us well and we need. And not forgetting healthy relationships!!!

You may feel so overwhelmed that doing anything at all is too much, but I’ve learnt that life isn’t static; it doesn’t remain the same, that it changes and that there is always hope. Despite feeling the worst, through learning to be absolutely loving, trusting and honoring you, in time our world changes and opportunities do appear. Be willing to speak out, be willing to turn up, be willing to invite positive feelings within regularly so that it becomes natural, not some distant hope. It’s learning to be responsible for our self and that’s exciting I think, as on many levels it’s about freedom. Let toxic thinking go now!!!

We are all in this together and I for one love helping others even though at times I make small & large mistakes and stumble along, feel judged and that what I offer isn’t worth a cracker. I’ve learnt mistakes are jewels in our life and are some of our greatest teachers.

Over the past 14 years I have seen great transformation with my clients and while the tough still arrives at the door, through daily inner work and never letting our hopes dreams and wishes go,(even if we have absolutely no idea how they will unfold), life is worth living . Not knowing can be a good thing as maybe knowing now, might mean you don’t believe that it will even happen!!! Learning to let go might appear a huge task but try it, even just for one day, try something new…. see what happens!!! Trusting is a part of learning to love and get to know you in all its aspects. And “I don’t know is an asset not a liability!!!!!” A phrase I coined that to me makes a lot of sense.

Great blessings & I love sharing this life with you Angela