I’ve just returned from Brazil, that being another pilgrimage to the Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiania (central Brazil) and again it was profound. The experience of healing and hours of deep meditation through the ‘Current’ where John of God is with like minded souls is something that I would love everyone to experience. Having said that I did take photos for friends and family with what they would like to have worked on, sorted out, assisted with written on the back…..I placed them all in the Prayer triangle in the main room at the Casa and whatever the healing was for each person began. For those of you who feel drawn for healing with the crystal light healing bed, I recommend that this experience is profound. I’ve also been taking it on my journeys outside of Adelaide with great success.

I’ve been on quite an interesting journey since the passing of Wayne Dyer on the 30th of August. Whilst I am very sad about that I know that he is now assisting on an even greater level!!! I have certainly learnt a lot from him and felt quite an alignment with his philosophies, his way of life and his childhood experiences. I have felt less a sense of alienation and that I didnt belong or that I couldn’t measure up to others expectations over the years (I know I don’t need to now) from listening to him, I feel I belong even though I would defiantly be a ’scurvy elephant’ ….(some of you who listen to him would know what I mean by that)!!!! And I have great strength on my path in this life through his encouragement of following my own Dharma. I used to feel deeply frustrated and wrong for being and doing what I loved, over the years. Gee, what madness that is….so, Truly being you is the journey of unfolding and trusting that it is your path no matter what others say……Watching the first of the tributes to him was beautiful, to listen to the stories that others that have talked along side of him have shared. Nick Ortner, Cheryl Richardson, Bruce Lipton, Carolyn Myss, Reid Tracy his best friend etc…. Laughter and tears in the celebration of the passing of, to me and many others, a great man. And one that I am truly grateful for. Carolyn Myss mentioned that he was a “Mystic” and one who shared himself in his journey that in turn we all benefited greatly.

I would love to hear from you and how I maybe of service to you if I can assist in anyway with the work that I do.