‘Winter Lurking’!!
“what’, you may ask is “Winter Lurking”, well, a sense of dread that enters into our mind and then it feels like all hell is about to break loose!
And in some cases it might well be that way, in that a storm is on its way and then it shakes the foundations and all manner of things unfold. And at this stage it may well feel easier to run with the fear, rant about it, try and prove all the reasons why it is like this and therefor absolutely dreadful and
nothing good can come of it!!!
And we all have our ways of escaping, numbing ourselves from the so called real or imagined pending pain!!! It may be overeating – yes I’ve been guilty of that big time – on the computer doing endless nothings – yup been guilty of that too – in the distant past drinking too much – yup- smoking in the past – yup, all manner of escaping’s – yup!!
Whoa that’s huge, calm down, what can be done now, lets break it down and manage what can be managed or maybe there is absolutely nothing to manage right now other than either get on with things or as they say meditate!!! And I know that might you feel like or sound like… ‘yeah, right, how is that going to happen in this situation……..’?

Mandala 36a

Everyone’s situation is different and transferring our ideals onto others is merely a stop-gap and may well be hindering the process of going within and finding the REAL answers for ourselves. The jig-saw of life can be complex or is it?
It can appear quite a job to stop, and take a moment or 20 and settle down, close our eyes, feel that heaviness and allow the feelings to calm down, to move through it rather than try and stop it, or shove it down. Breath….. But as they say one step at a time and when we let go the synchronicities will flow in….listen, be alert, put your self into the mode of ‘it has already changed’, and things are already sorted in what you were wanting to occur or better!!. Get out of the road and know there’s a frightened child within that more than likely requires a big hug, right now!!!.
To know our-self, be honest and to really let go and trust that this is a universe of abundance and it is everyone’s birth-right, is a must and an honor to bestow.

Happy warm Winter everyone and remember no one is better than another we are all in this together….. And if you feel like you would like some balancing on all levels for those who are in the Adelaide region please I would encourage you to book in and come and have a Crystal Light Bed Healing, it is a gift to us all. Lots of Love and warm Blessings to you Angela